Hey Obama! Too Much Patience Can be a Bad Thing!

Many observers are starting to note that the patience that once made President Obama seem “cool” is now starting to seem more like dithering and playing a dangerous game by being overly “patient.”

Ruth Marcus from the Washington Post:

I think John is exactly right. The President’s instincts are too– are patience whether it may be strategic or not, sometimes too much patience can be a very dangerous thing. And so I was very struck by the panel you had on, two people who worked with this President very closely, Mike Morell and Tom Donilon who, yes, there are not existential threats to the United States as we had during the Cold War but the serious outbreak of problems not just the Islamic State but the others that they rattled off and the potential dangers not just to the region and the Mideast but to the homeland that that could pose, and the state of play in the Mideast. We– yes, we have started, maybe we have some progress in Iraq, I was very struck by the degree to which Tom Donilon did not mention any progress in Syria, because that’s really pretty late to the game. So I’m not sure patience is warranted right now.