Gun Control Follies: White House Can’t Name One Shooting their Measures would have Prevented!

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was put in a tough spot this past week when he was asked to defend President Obama’s stupid gun control ideas.

The Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau told Earnest that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) had recently argued that all of the measures being parroted on the left would have been completely ineffective at stopping any of the recent mass shootings in the nation — a statement many in the media have found inconvenient but impossible to debunk. Tau then asked Earnest, “If not a single recent mass shooting would have been stopped by the kind of gun control measures you champion, are those the right approach to this problem?” 

Earnest did his best, but honestly, there is no good answer here for a liberal. Their silly gun grabbing beliefs just don’t pass muster when confronted by real-world data and evidence. So Earnest dissembles, muttering about no legislation being completely effective before turning to the President’s ridiculous “No-Fly” List litmus tests (an idea that many on the right AND the left have already poo-pooed) and saying that we shouldn’t let people on “No Fly” lists buy guns.

In fact, the “No Fly” list suggestion is so ridiculous that it would mean that the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) would have been legally banned from carrying, as would at least 72 State Department employees. In fact, since no one on a “No Fly” list has ever actually been caught committing a mass shooting, Earnest was even forced to wonder if Rubio wanted to wait until one of them does commit a mass shooting before dealing with the scenario! A little advice for Earnest, in a debate – when you have to resort to “possible” scenarios that have yet to occur… then you are probably losing.

In response to Earnest’s many rambling non-answers, Tau tried one more time to get a straight response.

“Can the White House point to a recent mass shooting that would have been stopped by a expanded assault weapons ban or stricter background checks? The evidence seems to be that in all these recent mass shootings, these folks either passed background checks or were very determined to circumvent the strict gun laws that are already on the books. Can you point to any that would have been prevented or stopped by the kind of proposals the White House is championing?”

Again, Earnest dodged by mentioning “No Fly” lists and common sense. So Tau asked if any mass shooter EVER had been on a “No Fly” list?

Earnest’s response was “mic drop” worthy… if he’d been debating against himself.

“Not that I’m aware of,” the foolhardy press secretary replied. Did you get that? That was a big “Negatory, good buddy.” With just five little words, Earnest completely demolished President Obama’s inane gun control policy ideas.