Gross… Apparently Mitt Romney is the “Conservative” Alternative to Jeb Bush!

What has happened to the conservative movement within the GOP that the best we can muster as an “alternative” to Jeb Bush is… Mitt Romney?

Look, Mitt seems like a nice enough guy, but he has never… EVER… been a “conservative.” He is more conservative than a liberal, but that just makes him a moderate.

George Stephanopolous: James Carville, if you have Mitt Romney versus Jeb Bush it’s hard to know which one actually is the heir apparent, which one is the one that’s going to [be the nominee].

James Carville: Oh, I think Jeb Bush closed — might have closed a window on maybe some donors. He opened a giant door. Mitt is going to get in and go to the right. He —

Stephanopolous: You think he’s getting in?

Carville: Of course he’s going to get in and he’s going to run against Bush from the right. You know, if you look at Bush’s positions… I think he has a strategy that he didn’t have before. And his strategy is he’s the conservative alternative.