Graham’s Rebuke of Duke Over Muslim Call to Prayer is Good But a Little Late

We see it everywhere we look now. The falling all over themselves to accommodate by those who believe nothing. It would be funny if it were not so sad a display. People that in every other respect are intelligent and bright, so ignorant in the area of belief (faith). They tell us that they are only giving fair time to the minority view. This again happened on the campus of Duke University this week.

Duke announced that there will now be a weekly call to pray every Friday. The Muslim calls this the “adhan” prayer. It will mark the weekly Jummah, Muslim’s corporate prayer time. The Jummah service has been a weekly event in the basement of the chapel for the past two years. Duke’s Imam Adeel Zeb made this statement concerning the announcement:

‘Just as the bells announce chapel worship in the building on Sundays, the adhan announces Muslim prayers on Fridays. The adhan is the call to prayer that brings Muslims back to their purpose in life, which is to worship God and serves as a reminder to serve our brothers and sisters in humanity,’ The collective Muslim community is truly grateful and excited about Duke’s intentionality toward religious and cultural diversity.’

Rev. Franklin Graham voiced his displeasure at the announcement on Facebook. He wrote:

“As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Duke is promoting this in the name of religious pluralism,” he wrote. “I call on the donors and alumni to withhold their support from Duke until this policy is reversed.”

I agree with these sentiments, but I do not think that it goes far enough. If we are to truly take a stand, then let us ban all but Christianity from our Christian chapels. His point is valid. We allow Islam to be practiced while people around the world commit atrocities in its name. But the same thing happens when we look at Hinduism and Buddhism.

These false, yes false religions have been used to excuse mass murder as well. It is not as well known because they do not blow up buildings, but it happens. Not to mention the murder of daughters by their parents known as “honor killings,” perpetrated by both Muslim and Hindu adherents. We should have been upset when these false beliefs were practiced and promoted within the walls of a Christian sanctuary.

What we can say is that the University, named in the top ten, now promotes foolishness. It gives equal ground to a religion that does not condemn rapists, but the raped. Blames the murdered rather than the murderer. And is set to use even these events and these students to take over our culture. Believing nothing is true they promote all things as equally valid, but does that not mean equally false? But Duke says this, “represents a larger commitment to religious pluralism that is at the heart of Duke’s mission.”

These same people would call Christians, oppressors of women and hateful, but want to accommodate those who commit female circumcision and kill their daughters for marrying outside of the Islamic community. Yes, we like Rev. Graham, should be upset that these prayers will be allowed from a Christian church, but we are late to anger.

Why were we not angry that they were worshipping there? We should be asking how it is that a private university, founded by Christians is in such bad shape. Is it not that the Church only huddles in its building like so many life boats, bidding the passerby come in before it is too late. Content to let the world around them burn while they wait for rescue.

Yes, Mr. Graham is right. No Christian money should go to Duke or any such school. Christians should only support Christian schools and organizations, but this would mean that all support to Duke should stop. Do not buy the merchandise. No more Blue Devils basketball. No more watching them on TV. I’m afraid, being from NC, this is a step too far for many claiming Christ.

But it is not just Duke. It’s every major school. It has long been said that these schools take our children and indoctrinate them. They leave us with sound minds and come back humanists. We will be France if this trend continues. If we are not already.

God, may all schools be shunned and utterly rejected that does not stand for you!