Governor Rauner: No More Compulsory Dues for Public Unions

Things continue to get worse for the Unions and especially in the mid-West. First Wisconsin and then Indiana, now Illinois. These states have begun to see that they have been brought to higher cost of living and layoffs by Unions. We know that there has been at least a partial awakening as evidenced in the last several elections. Hardworking men and women are realizing that the situation of economic downturn is worsened by unions. It is like a struggling swimmer with a weight on his back.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has now started to do what he promised, break the hold of labor unions on the state.

Fox reports:

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner struck a first official blow on Monday against the public sector labor unions he has frequently criticized by ordering an end to a requirement that workers pay dues even if they decide not to join a union.

They further explain:

6,500 state employees are paying so-called “fair share” dues, or an average of $577 a year per worker.

This means that this executive order, if it stands, will put a massive hole in the union’s budget. This will reduce union income by over 3.75 million a year. Much of these forced dues were funneled into political actions that were contrary to these people’s beliefs, leading the Supreme Court to rule the state law unconstitutional.

And according to the Huffington Post:

“Forced union dues are a critical cog in the corrupt bargain that is crushing taxpayers. Government union bargaining and government union political activity are inexorably linked,” Rauner told the Sun-Times. “An employee who is forced to pay unfair share dues is being forced to fund political activity with which they disagree. That is a clear violation of First Amendment rights –- and something that, as governor, I am duty-bound to correct.”

This issue has the unions and the Democratic Legislature in an uproar. They say that the executive order may not be legal.

Fox reported:

But it was unclear Monday whether Rauner was on solid legal ground, as the Supreme Court decision found certain workers didn’t have to pay “fair share dues” but upheld that requirement for “full-fledged state employees.”

And the Unions said

Anders Lindall, a spokesman for AFSCME, the largest Illinois public employee union, told the Sun-Times the organization doesn’t use fair share fees for political contributions. AFSCME Council 31 executive director Roberta Lynch called Rauner’s move “a blatantly illegal abuse of power” in a statement to the newspaper.

It is hilarious that the left were silent on Obama’s sweeping executive order, yet are outraged with this small one in Illinois. It shows the illogical way the left looks at every situation. They cannot be consistent because that would mean that you would have to give up things they want. It is only right when the abuse of power gets you what you want. If it stands then, the unions will have less money to fund political power.