Is There Going To Be a Changing of the Guard In the House?

There has been for as long as I can remember, two Republican parties. There are the Republicans that we vote for in November and the ones who actually serve in those offices the rest of the year. I know there has always been a sense of compromise in our governing system. I for one, do not think that this wholly a bad thing. There are facts these people learn after they come to power. There may have been a more important issue that would need the support of others later.

Yet, there was always that nagging question come April or May. Where is the strong conservative that I voted for in the last election? The guy who said he was not going to cave or he would make sure this issue or that issue was addressed and fixed. Well, it is beginning to look as if even the politicians are getting tire of this problem.

Saturday, Reps Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) announced that he would challenge Boehner for Speaker of the House. This was followed the next day by his colleague; Reps Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) announcing that he would also run for the Speakers seat.

So, what this means is that these men are stepping out to say that they do not like the way the GOP has been doing things. They want to move in another direction. But the question is, are these men simply spitting against the wind, or is there a chance that we will see a new Speaker for the next two years?

Well, it is difficult to say. The best that these men could hope for is to bring the election to a second vote. To do that, they would need 28 votes. This has not happened since 1923. Though there may be little chance to unseat Boehner, it does send a strong message to the party and to Boehner.

Yoho told Fox News that there was much discontent within the GOP, and especially within the House. This discontent seems to mirror the discontent within the country at large. He says that there is a lack of vision and leadership. The party lacks direction and the leadership to take advantage of the momentum gained in the last election.

These Representatives then are not satisfied with just winning; they actually want to make real change. They want to work to undo the wrongs of the past six years. They say they want to punish the president for his illegal executive orders.

Yoho said that there were many who have not publicly expressed their concern with the current speaker, but seemed confident that they would support a change. He believes that his and Gohmert’s move will give them the courage to come out against the Speaker.

Both, Yoho and Gohmert have expressed that they are doing this because no one else has. They seem to feel as though this is something that has to be done; that the change is needed. This is encouraging as there is more seeking power in Washington than you can shake a stick at, so to have these men seek what is needed over what they want is a refreshing change.

For far too long our country has needed men who will do what they say and bring true representation to our people. This attitude came out in what Yoho said on Fox News. When asked if he feared retribution for this if Boehner goes back in, Yoho replied, “I fear no man. . . We are doing what my voters want me to do. I’m voting what my district says.” Now, I may not agree with everything that Yoho says, but that sounds very good. Especially when we consider that he is not running for office.

There are at least 11 members who have committed to not supporting Boehner. This is being called a rebellion, and so that might be what is happening. I have learned not to get my hopes up when it comes to conservative politicians, but if these men hold true to what they say, we might actually see the things talked about done. How about that for a change?