Flashback: Remember when the Media was Worried about the Coming Ice Age?

Does anyone here remember when the media was frothing at the mouth to make us worry about the coming Ice Age? It was right before they started frothing at the mouth about the coming age of Global Warming. Global Cooling was on the cover of TIME magazine and on all of the major news network broadcasts. Scientists were sure that we were facing an imminent ice age, the likes of which hadn’t been seen in some 60,000 years!

Climate science – like every other scientific field — is imperfect and subject to getting things very, very wrong. As of today, global temperatures have been stagnant for some 17+ years. That’s a long “pause” in the warming trend that only a few years before had been a cooling trend. The truth is that climate science has gotten more things wrong than they’ve gotten right over the last 50 years or so, and they’ve still not been able to prove that humans do play a part in climate change trends.

I for one doubt they’ll ever be able to prove that we play a significant role in climate change.



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