Federal Judge Reopens Lawsuit about Email Server Against Hillary Clinton


The Clinton camp could be in big trouble now that a federal judge has acted responsibly and reopened a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton that seeks to gain access to the former Secretary of State’s private email server. This marks the first time a court has taken interest in the email scandal, and Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox Business believes that the Clintons and their Democrat supporters have reason to be worried about what happens next.


Napolitano called Walton a “tough cookie” and “probably the last judge in Washington, D.C., [Clinton] wanted this issue to be in front of.”

He said that the State Department consented to the request because they have been “embarrassed” by their lack of access to Clinton’s emails. 

“Then, the scandal about the wiped server came out. … [Judicial Watch] went back to the federal judge and said, ‘would you reopen the case?’ On Friday, he said, ‘not only will I reopen the case, I will look into whether or not these emails, which she was supposed to keep, were destroyed or not,” said Napolitano.

Napolitano said Walton could order Bill Clinton “to deliver the server to him, and he, a federal judge can hire experts to examine the server.”




I won’t be holding my breath in hopes that this federal judge oversees the final revealing of the Clinton family as the cabal of criminals that they so obviously are… but I am optimistic that, for better or worse, the truth will be revealed. This latest twist in the case is simply another strand in the unraveling of the Clinton family “dynasty.” The truth can only stay hidden for so long and the obvious reality here is that the Clinton’s are indeed unscrupulous and criminal actors.