FBI Counter Terrorism Expert – ‘Don’t Wait for Uncle Sam to Protect You’

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a professor at the Marine Corp University and he is a counterterrorism instructor for the FBI, he has a wealth of experience in dealing with the threat of terrorism, and he has been training law enforcement on how to protect our nation from terrorists for years. This past week he appeared on Fox News’ the Kelly File and told Megyn Kelly that the time had come for Americans to take their defense upon themselves.

Megyn Kelly: Joining me now, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, he is the chair of military theory at the Marine Corp University. And he also served as a prosecution expert in the Boston bombing trial. He also runs TheGorkaBriefing.com.  Dr. Gorka, thank you for being here tonight. So your position right now is that Paris is just the beginning and we need to rely on ourselves. What do you mean by that?


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Counterterrorism Expert for the FBI: Well, if you look at what’s happened since the attacks on Friday, Megyn, it is clear that this wasn’t just some spontaneous event done by people who have a grudge. This is organized. This is a network. This is international.  This woman, if the reports are true, tried to entice the police closer to that house so she can kill them with an explosive device that had been prepared to this eventuality. So the message is very clear, Megyn. This Jihad is real. The Jihad is global. And they want to bring it to the shores America.

We have an article coming out in tomorrow’s New York Post where we give you the stats. We have 82 ISIS suspects arrested in America in a 20-month period. And of those, a few 30 percent had no intention of going to Iraq or Syria to fight. They have decided to kill Americans on U.S. soil. As a result, don’t wait for Uncle Sam to protect you. Every American has the duty and the responsibility to be aware of the threat and be prepared to protect themselves.


Megyn Kelly: What does that mean? I mean, there’s no reasoning with these people. On Friday night, as the terror attack was unfolding, and we heard that there were up to a hundred hostages taken in that concert hall. One of the first guests we tried to book was a hostage negotiator. And, of course, that was ridiculous. Because there’s no negotiating with these people. They just kill them. They killed them all. If they couldn’t escape they were dead. So how are Americans supposed to think about protecting themselves?  


TerrorismDr. Gorka: OK. So, the first point, absolutely right. You don’t negotiate with people who want to destroy you. That would be like negotiating with Hitler. No, you have to be tactically aware. If you’re in a state, if you’re in a municipality that allows you to carry a weapon, you should do so. You should get training, you should carry it, your members of your family that are prepared to do so likewise. But on top of that even more important than that, is you have to have tactical awareness.

I grew up in the U.K. during the deadliest years of the IRA.  Everybody was alert all of the time. If somebody put a bag down for moment on a troop train, on the subway, on the bus, within 60 seconds, a school kid, a grandmother would say, whose is that bag? And if nobody replies, that bus would be stopped, it would be evacuated and the police would be called. Do we have that mentality today in America? I’m not sure.


Megyn Kelly: How determined do you believe they are right now to launch an attack in America. In other words, is it more likely since they just had, quote, “success in Paris” or is it more likely that they lie low for a bit until the heat is less severe?


Dr. Gorka: I think if you read the magazine of ISIS. So, ISIS has an English language Jihadi magazine called Dabiq, and your watchers can check it out. d-a-b-i-q, it’s their manual of Jihad. It is clear. Explicit.  Every issue. They want to take the war to America. I believe we have sleeper cells here already. Director Comey has said, they’re up with the 900 investigations going only in all 50 states. So I would expected them to be encouraged by this event because it was successful. This is the largest targeting of civilians on French soil since the end of World War II. So this will be an encouragement to Jihadist in America.