ESPN Columnist Stephen A. Smith Wishes Every Black American Would Vote GOP

Anyone who pays attention to sports in America likely knows who Stephen A. Smith is. He’s not an athlete, he’s one of the most famous sports opinion columnists in the nation. He’s become popular for his willingness to give an unpopular opinion and the passion with which he argues what he believes. Smith recently spoke at a Symposium at Vanderbilt University where he once again shocked the nation by speaking plainly and making a logically sound argument in an illogical age.

“What I dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in America vote Republican. Because from what I’ve read, and I’m open to correction, but from what I’ve read, Barry Goldwater is going against Lyndon B. Johnson. He’s your Republican candidate. He is completely against the Civil Rights Movement. Lyndon B. Johnson was in favor of it. What happens is, he wins office, Barry Goldwater loses office, but there was a senate, a Republican senate, that pushed the votes to the president’s desk. It was the Democrats who were against Civil Rights legislation. So because President Lyndon B. Johnson was a Democrat, black America assumed the Democrats were for it. Did you know that since 1964 black America hasn’t given the Republican Party more than 15% of it’s vote. Here’s what that means…

(Let me step in here real quick. Barry Goldwater was not against the Civil Rights movement. He was a member of the Arizona NAACP, he strongly supported desegregation and the civil rights movement and voted for earlier civil rights bills. But Goldwater was a true conservative which means he was also for LESS GOVERNMENT and he believed that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 gave the federal government too much power over citizens daily lives… which is why he stood against it. It wasn’t about Civil Rights, it was about government overreach.)

Stephen A SmithBlack folks in America are telling one party, ‘We don’t give a damn about you.’ They’re telling the other party ‘You’ve got our vote.’ Therefore, you have labeled yourself ‘disenfranchised’ because one party knows they’ve got you under their thumb. The other party knows they’ll never get you and nobody comes to address your interests.

My point is, when you go buy a house do you look at one. When you buy a car do you look at one? When you want to buy clothes, shoes, anything you’re shopping around… We don’t do that with politics and then we blame white America for our disenfranchisement. When it is us, because all we have to do is upset the apple cart by not doing what is predictable and it will force everyone to pay attention to us! The Democrats will be scared of losing our votes, the Republicans will say (unintelligible) we can get it…

And then all of a sudden everybody will cater to our needs. Just like they cater to Jewish folks, to white folks, and beyond! And suddenly we won’t be disenfranchised anymore…”



In four short minutes, Stephen A. made his point in an eloquent and easily grasped commentary. I don’t necessarily agree with his reasons for black Americans to vote Republican (I mean, whatever happened to ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’?), but I do agree that if the black community really wanted to see the government address their needs/wants, they should at least pretend to consider voting Republican.

I’d give a better reason though…

Republican ideas, principles and policies are better for the black community than Democrat ones! Democrat policies have destroyed the black family, impoverished our cities and caused havoc with our national economy and culture. If the black community wants a better future for itself and for America, then they should stop voting Democrat.

Keep preaching, Stephen, and we’ll keep posting your sermons to black America right here.