Epstein Case Points To Corruption In Legal System

The thought of those in power or who have money being able to make their crimes disappear should sicken us all. There should be no tolerance in our society for such actions. This is nowhere truer than in the case of those we consider too young to defend themselves. If a child is not protected in our society, then no one is safe.

When we come to the topic of sex and minors, there are those who choose to balk and say that it is not that big a deal. We would not have the issue if both parties were ten years older. We are angered, they claim when it is a case of a 40-year-old and a 15-year-old. But what if they were 50 and 25?

The difference is the life experiences of the 15-year-old. She lacks the experience and knowledge that is required to decide what is best. He, having more experience, has a certain advantage. This is to me the main issue.

This is allegedly the case with Jeffery Epstein and many that he kept company with over the years. Epstein was tried and convicted of soliciting a minor girl in Florida in 2006. According to Anne Coulter, the charges were much more serious. As if pedophilia was not serious enough.

According to Coulter, there are now allegations of sex-slaves and a private island. There is a lawsuit that names several key world figures as not only knowing about the underage sex ring, but actually taking part in sex with underage girls. The four girls name names and give details.

Supposedly, Epstein arranged and provided underage orgies at his island, and several of his homes. The list of alleged participants range from his lawyers to royalty. Bill Clinton and the Duke of Wales is named by one of the girls in the lawsuit. All of those named have denied these allegation.

This all starts with a mother complaining that her daughter was being paid to have sex with a millionaire in Palm Beach Fla. The Palm Beach Police investigates and gathers overwhelming evidence. They arrest Epstein. He was charged with multiple counts of sex with a minor and prostitution. And here’s where the corruption comes in.

The DA decides to reduce the charges and only gives him 13 months. 13 months in prison for several counts of pedophilia? It should appall us that our justice system would allow this man to walk around, and breath air, much less receive such a light sentence. Oh, by the way, he spent 16 of 24 hours each day at his mansion instead of jail. Bless his heart.

Now, this seems to be a case of favoritism, but it does not stop there. Epstein sought to have his sex-offender status reduced from the N.Y. appointed level-3 to a level-1. This would have meant that there would be no requirement for Epstein to check in with the police. In N.Y., a level-3 offender has to check in every 90 days. This means that every 90 days, Epstein must travel to his New York City vacation home and speak to the police.

The judge denied the reduction, but the most interesting thing in this is who was advocating the reduction. It was not Epstein’s lawyer. The one arguing for the reduction was the Manhattan DA’s office. It seems that Epstein has friends everywhere he lives.

So much for justice being blind.