Egyptian President Provides Damning Indictment of Obama’s Treachery & Betrayal

Asked how Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and America’s other Arab allies view American [Obama’s] leadership in the region now, it’s what he didn’t say that spoke volumes. In what is perhaps the deepest sigh, and the most pregnant of pauses, watch Egyptian President el-Sisi:

He said the suspension of U.S. equipment and arms to his country has sent a “negative indication to the public opinion that the United States is not standing by the Egyptians.”

Nervous deep breath followed by a large gulp. He struggled to be … diplomatic and avoided answering entirely, trying to decide how to phrase the truth without being overly critical and offending the priggish president. Volumes communicated in one very short clip.

Asked directly how he and other Arab allies view U.S. leadership in the region, he answered briefly in English: “Difficult questions.”

“We have to admit that terrorism is now a major threat not only to Egypt or even the immediate region, but it is a threat to the stability and security of the whole world,” the Egyptian leader said. “We can also see that the map of terrorism and extremism is expanding, it is not recessing.”

This is exactly the kind of Muslim leader America needs in the fight against the global jihad. You could not have written him any better and Obama has taken up against him.

Calling for reform of Islam and an Arab coalition against the Islamic State, this interview is a damning indictment of Obama’s treachery and betrayal.

Here’s the full interview.


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