Double Standard in Freedom of Speech to Cause More Problems in France

It is only natural for us to overreact. Many times when we see a shortcoming or failure, we will counteract that with going too far in the other direction. When the 9/11 occurred, our leaders come up with the Patriot Act. The loss of liberty was great and opened the door for worse things to come in the future. This is just one example of what I mean. And it is now beginning to happen in France.

It was reported today that France has arrested 54 people. These people were not tied to the Islamists who committed the act. The 54 did not go to Mosque with the terrorists. The 54 are not people who traveled to Yemen. No, they just made statements supporting or defending the attacks. They, Like Charlie Hebdo victims, are giving their opinion on the event.

Now, far be it from me to seek to come to the defense of these idiots, but is this not what Sunday’s march was supposed to tell the world? France and its people will not allow anyone to hinder their freedom of speech. They would not be intimidated into silence. But is this not what you do when you arrest a man for yelling?

Sure, the man arrested and sentenced to 10 months in prison for communicating a threat to the police might deserve the sentence, but what of others. There is a clear bias in France and other countries. In most European countries as in France, there are strict anti-racist laws. Especially if those racist comments are anti-Semitic. Just ask the French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala.

A Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation on Dieudonné for his Facebook page. The openly anti-Semitic comedian has had several charges brought against him for hate speech. The reason is that he openly mocks Jews and mocks the holocaust. Though this is in bad taste and indefensible, how is it different from what Charlie Hebdo cartoonist did to Islam and Christianity?

The issue that we have to come to recognize is that no matter what we do, there will always be a preferred group. True pluralism is a fantasy. There will always be in any society a group that is better liked and better off than the others. There will always be groups vying for control of its society, and there is discrimination as these groups find themselves in competition with others.

This issue will only get worse in France and other European countries where a large population of Muslims are present. They will be held in low-income brackets and made to keep quiet. These actions will be as justified, through the medias’ victimization of the oppressed. And as violence escalates the French, like the Israelis will be demonized. Then, those, who were none-violent, will see more and more ways to be heard until they lash out at those they see as oppressors. And this points us to a very important fact.

There is this liberal understanding that for most Muslims they are not seeking to overtake the world. It is only a variant group of Muslims that wish to make all people Islamic. What they fail to see is that all Muslims are working to make the world Islamic. The difference is that only one third believe that they are called by Allah to use war as a means to accomplish this goal.

The recent double standard on freedom of speech and expression by the French government may well be the blasting cap to a worse bomb. It may push the poor and disenfranchised young Muslim men in their “No Go” areas to use force and violence to be heard.