Donald Trump Unchained!

Donald Trump has had several media moments get a lot of attention this past week, and we decided to bring you the entertainment in all it’s “Trumpiest” glory.

First, did you get to see Trump call Bernie Sanders “stupid”? He did. He told an audience in New York that Sanders lost his whole campaign in one moment during the last Democrat debate.

Hillary Clinton was given all soft balls. I mean, she wasn’t asked one tough question. 

They didn’t talk about her foundation. They didn’t talk about any of the problems. They didn’t talk about the e-mails when the e-mail problem came up.

Bernie Sanders lost his whole campaign. What he did was so stupid from his standpoint. In order to get a one-minute sound bite of some applause, he gave up the e-mails. That was the end of his campaign.

First of all, people aren’t going to his rallies anymore. He’s finished. So unless something happens to her with respect to the e-mails, she’ll easily be the candidate. But I will say this, she only got soft balls. That’s all she got. If you look at the way we were treated, it wasn’t the same way.

Then Trump moved on to the GOP debates, specifically, the last one on CNBC. Trump said the debate was pretty “beautiful” and that it was confirmation that some of his competitors should drop out of the race. He later added that CNBC’s John Harwood had a terrible debate performance and that he was “finished as a credible reporter.”

“I think Harwood is probably finished as a credible reporter. He’s a disaster. And it was such a horribly put question and so obvious and the Republicans coalesced around each other. It was actually pretty beautiful when you think about it. And all we want to do is be treated fairly.”

But the very best Trump moment of the week may well have been a hilarious shot that he took at his presidential rival, Marco Rubio. During an interview on the show With All Due Respect on the Bloomberg network, Trump said that he thought he was better looking than Rubio.

He is totally driven by what the public thinks.

I watched somebody on Joe [Scarborough]’s show this morning and he’s fawning over him. He says how handsome he is. I don’t know. I think I’m better looking than he is. Am I better looking than him?

He’s talking about how he’s so handsome, he’s so wonderful. And Joe goes, ‘Look where he is, he’s way down here.”

Never change, Donald. Never. Ever. Change.