Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton “Killed Hundreds of Thousands… with her Stupidity”!

Donald Trump is currently embroiled in a bit of controversy over his attacks on Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), but he’s also managed to anger more than a few liberals with some comments on Hillary Clinton’s tenure in the State Department.

“She was truly – if not one of the worst — the worst secretary of state in the history of the country,” Trump said. “She talks about me being dangerous. She’s killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity.”

“She was Secretary of State,” he explains. “Obama was president. The team, two real geniuses.”

“Look at what happened, the Middle East is a total disaster.”

Once again, Trump is NOT wrong. However, this great commentary on the disaster that has been Hillary Clinton is overshadowed by the terrible comments he’s made about Senator Cruz. I’m forced to reiterate that this is what every GOP candidate should constantly be focusing on – the terrible job the Obama administration and their Democrat allies have done leading our country over the last few years. Sadly, instead of focusing on the horror show that has been Hillary Clinton and the Obama team, the GOP candidates have spent their time bickering and taking pot shots at each other, diminishing our chances at winning the White House while also hurting the morale of the average GOP voter.

This problem isn’t just a candidate problem. Our pundits seem to be suffering from a similar malady, as George Will showed on Fox News earlier this week. Will was trying to explain why Trump is not the best of the GOP candidates, but instead he came off sounding like a Democrat attacking Trump.

You didn’t even have time to get to the latest Trumpism that demonstrated his invincible ignorance of how our government works, he said as president I will issue an executive order requiring that anyone who kills a police officer gets the death penalty. How does that work in our system starting with the 19 states that have no death penalty? 

He just, lives– If you liked President Obama’s use of executive power, you’re going to love President Trump.

If only we could focus these kinds of attacks on our Democrat opponents instead of on each other.