Donald Trump Rambles and Rants in Epic Tirade Against a New Hampshire Newspaper


Be prepared to hear and see one of the most epic (and perhaps tragic) rants of all time. If you can’t tell from the following video, Trump is not happy with the New Hampshire Union Leader’s decision to endorse Chris Christie over him.

“You have a very dishonest newspaper up here. It’s also a failing newspaper – it’s really going down the tubers. I remember when this was a big paper. Look at the size of this thing, it’s so thin. If they cut any more out of it you won’t be able to find it, it will be like –what do they call those things at the grocery store, they give you a little handout?– Coupons!”

Trump also had a few choice words for the paper’s publisher, Joseph McQuaid.

“Maybe it has more power than I think, but honestly I watch this guy… he’s a loser.

I’ve been friends with Christie but McQuaid, he is Christie’s lap dog…”

“I think it is a very disloyal act, if he endorsed Christie, I don’t care, that’s up to him, but don’t go and try and hurt somebody that has been helping you… So here, you can have it, darling.”

Trump went on to beat up Christie and McQuaid several more times throughout his diatribe.

He ended by announcing that the paper is worthless garbage…

“That’s all it’s worth. The piece of garbage,” he said as he threw the paper down.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… Don’t get on Trump’s bad side.