Donald Trump has become the Establishment Candidate

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity show to discuss the state of the race and of his chances in Iowa. Host Sean Hannity wondered about how rough and tumble the race had become and seemed surprised to see that the GOP establishment seemed to be lining up behind Donald Trump.

I have no intention of responding to Donald, I do not want to insult him, in fact I like and respect him, and I am not interested in getting into a mudslinging fight, if he wants to do that, that is his choice. But I won’t be doing it. What I will be doing is keeping the race focused on substance, I think that is what voters deserve. 

And right now, the men and women of this country are trying to make the determination of who is best prepared to be commander in chief, and who we can trust to be a consistent conservative — we’re tired of getting burned…

It very much is becoming a two-man race between me and Donald, one of the signs of that, is you are seeing the Washington establishment dumping their candidates.

For example, a lot of the establishment was behind Marco Rubio, but they have discovered that he does’t have a path to victory, they’re moving to Donald Trump.

We’re seeing that more and more.

It’s curious, Donald is publicly bragging about how all the big establishment players are getting behind him.