Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough Aren’t Keen on a Jeb Bush Presidency

On Thursday morning’s episode of Morning Joe on MSNBC the eponymous host Joe Scarborough tried to convey what he perceives to be as dearth of excitement surrounding the Jeb Bush campaign for the White House. Scarborough has been covering a wide range of Republican and conservative events, and he has yet to come across anyone who is agitating for or against Jeb Bush in any meaningful way. In fact, he has yet to find anyone who actually cares that Jeb Bush is running for President!

“We were at CPAC together, we’ve been to the New Hampshire event together. We go to all of these events, and nobody is running around with their hair on fire saying “I hate Jeb Bush.” It’s worse than that. Nobody is talking about him. I have yet to find the first person of all of the Republican events I’ve been to come up to me and go, “I’m here for Jeb. I’m excited.” It’s non-existent.“



It isn’t just Joe Scarborough at MSNBC who seems unenthused about Jeb’s candidacy. Over at Fox News on Thursday, possible GOP candidate Donald Trump couldn’t work up much emotion about a possible Bush run for the White House either. Trump called Bush a “reluctant warrior” who looks like he “doesn’t want to be running”!

“I think he’s a reluctant warrior. I think he doesn’t want to be running. I don’t know why he’s running. He looks unhappy. He looks like he just doesn’t want to be there. I watched the interview. The question couldn’t have been any easier.”



I wonder if there is actually anyone in America, not named Barbara Bush, who is genuinely excited about the possibility of a President Jeb Bush?