DOE to Flush More Tax Money Down Renewable Toilet

For years we have heard that there were new energy technologies just over the horizon.  Many in the industrial sector were skeptical, but others dumped millions in investments for what we now call green energy research.  With years of research and millions lost, we are now told that these unsuccessful technologies are our only hope.  On top of that, we have the scandals in the green energy industry.  With all the evidence of global cooling and history of natural climate change, you would think that these industries would be left to die, but that is not how our bureaucracy works.  It is the failing industry that gets the help.  This is again the case with billions being dumped into the solar industry.

Watchdog reports

The Department of Energy has doled out another $32 million to support the solar industry, a sector fraught with technology challenges and scandal – and nevertheless propped up with billions of taxpayer dollars during the Obama Administration.

This seems to be another attempt to prop up a dead industry.  The money is earmarked for technical training.  This money would train 75,000 workers by the year 2020.  The problem is that there has been no indication that the technology is self-sustaining.

Watchdog contends

What the release didn’t say was that the Obama Administration has spent $150 billion on green initiatives between 2009 and 2014, yet the industry cannot survive without government giveaways, a Brookings Institution study found.

“Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to spend even more money on job-training programs that are proven failures,” said Heritage Foundation energy expert David W. Kreutzer. “Industry will provide job-training where there are real jobs to be filled. The energy revolution in places like North Dakota and Texas has created hundreds of thousands of jobs—many of which required considerable technical skill—without a federally funded job-training program.”


What this points up for us is a simple concept that has held true throughout the history of industry in a free market.  The market that is successful will provide for itself.  If you are profiting off of the service you provide or the materials you produce, you can train your own technicians.  It has also been argued that these new fracking industries are a cleaner and safer source of energy that is cheaper.  But money is not the only concern.  There is the problem of unmet expectations and promises of solar power.

Fox reports

Then there was Ivanpah, a solar electricity plant that received more than $2 billion. When that project was completed, it produced less than 40 percent of projected output at a cost three times higher than traditional electricity, according to a report by the Taxpayer Protection Alliance.

And it gets worse.  There is the issue of legality.

Watchdog further reports

The tax credits, incentives and loan guarantees have spawned a whole new type of business – solar leasing, pioneered by California-based SolarCity. The option of reaping the benefits of a solar system while paying a small monthly leasing fee has been attractive to some consumers –  at a cost to other taxpayers. Behind the scenes, theU.S. Treasury Department began to investigate whether SolarCity, Sunrun and Sungevity inflated the costs of their installations in order to receive additional tax incentives.

When take as a whole, this renewable energy source looks more like a shell game.  A con job run on the American people by their politicians.  One that creates a fear and then feeds off that fear.  Who is getting fat off of our tax money?