Do More Detainee Releases Equal More Enemies To Fight?

As we continue to fight this largely unprecedented war with Muslim terrorists, we continue to treat the enemy as if they had political ambitions. We have seen that they are like no other enemy we have faced. The Islamists do not want just to gain political power. They do not want to make us meet some agenda.

The failure of our foreign policy and especially in the Middle East is our lack of comprehension of our enemy. We are not fighting people that will be beaten back or give in because of the loss of life. They are not people who give in to reason or “rehabilitation.”

Yet, once again the State Department reports that they have released five detainees from Gitmo. Three from Yemen and two from Tunisia. These men were captured at various times and in various place. They have been detained for the past twelve years without charges.

There is some question to the past offenses of these men, as they have been cleared for release. They have been sent to Kazakhstan for resettlement. These men are the first detainees to be accepted by Kazakhstan for resettlement. We are not told why these men could not return home, but they could not.

Most of the detainees released from Gitmo are not being resettled, except those from Yemen. With the large problems with “Militant” groups the State Department refuses to send them home, much like these men from Yemen. It seems they fear being wrongly influenced.

Obama seems bent on bringing the numbers at Gitmo to the point of making its continued operations untenable. The Administration and Congress have been battling over the presidents stated goal of shutting the facilities down.

The question all America should be asking is, are these men a threat to American soldiers abroad? It seems that the numbers show that they are a real threat to national security. Thirty percent of the released detainees are facing our soldiers again on the battle field. That seems to be a number close to failure.

It seems that we have a moral crisis on our hands. One that is only bound to worsen. If we do not capture the enemy and gain intelligence when we can, we will be less effective, and soldiers will die. But, what do we do with those we capture? These men according to the treaties we have signed have no legal rights, they can be executed.

There are those that think that kind of discussion is beyond the realm of normal American behavior. These people have to remember the problem is that we are fighting a war that is a religious campaign against the infidel, them, you and I. The enemy would have us all die.

Rather than closing down the detention center how about just relocate. Set up shop in an unknown location. This would settle the weak nerved people like the president and would not be an international sore spot. Once all valuable information is gained, then we just do that which is most humane and internationally legal.

I know that this will never happen. But it would be better than them living to fight another day and kill or maiming more of our soldiers.

Hope we will not see these men again, but odds are two of the five will be fighting our soldiers soon.