Democrat Representative Actually Says – Why Should You “Have to Register to Vote, Why Shouldn’t it be Automatic?”

In the annals of stupid statements by politicians, this one may go down as one of the very dumbest. Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison (D-MN) was speaking at the 2015 Voting and Elections Summit when he let go with these terribly stupid comments…

I also think we need to make voting easier. It should be easier. In other countries it’s easier. Why should voting be so difficult? Tuesday? Who thought that up? I mean the fact is, is that there’s wide variation in when people can vote. You can’t necessarily register to vote on Election Day. I’ve often asked myself why you should have to register to vote. Why shouldn’t it be automatic? You know?



First off, Mr. Ellison, voting is already incredibly easy… it is almost automatic. In most places, that is. In fact, in many states voters have about a month to get their voting done and can do so through the mail or in person. They can go to an early voting station or to their district polling place. In many states no identification is even necessary… though you do need ID to drive, so if you’re going you might as well take your license or FREE state issued ID card.

In fact, the only places that only allow one day for voting are mostly liberal bastions like New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware. 33 states have early voting and 27 allow no – excuse absentee voting; another 3 are have gone to all-mail voting. It is incredibly easy to vote in America, even if Mr. Ellison likes to pretend otherwise.

Let’s stop trying to invent problems to fix… we already have enough issues that need solving.