Delusional? Bernie Sanders Thinks He Can Beat Hillary Clinton!

How cute.

Vermont Senator and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) actually seems to believe that he can defeat Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primary!

I’ve always thought liberal politicians were a bit insane, but Bernie Sanders takes crazy to a whole new level. His policies barely fly in ultra-liberal Vermont… he and his liberal agenda would be laughed out of more than half the states in the country!

Watch as he goes full blown delusional on CBS’ Face the Nation.

There is, in my view, massive dissatisfaction in this country today with corporate establishment and the greed of corporate America and the incredibly unequal distribution of wealth and income, which currently exists…

I think that there’s nobody in the race right now who presents a real challenge to her in terms of taking the nomination away. But it’s important to remember and we’ve been through this process many times, that we are many, many months away from the nomination, never mind the election…

I don’t think we’re going to outspend Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush or anybody else, but I think we are going to raise the kinds of money we need to run a strong and winning campaign.