Dad Teaches Son (and Other Parents Everywhere) a Lesson

There is a popular trend happening in our current Internet culture of parents taking their children, who have invariably done something to anger or disappoint their parents, and shaming them for all the world to see. It’s an odd trend that many folks have seemed to embrace as these videos have become more and more popular.

But Wayman Gresham hasn’t embraced the trend.

No, Mr. Gresham is what we like to call counter-cultural. Instead of embracing this growing phenomenon, he has decided to do his best to explain to parents that if your children have grown to be so disobedient and so offensive – perhaps they are not the problem. Perhaps the problem is how they have been parented up to that point.

I’m sure that every case of child shaming isn’t precipitated by bad parenting, but Gresham makes a great case for an alternate way of doing things.


It's time for me to discipline my kid the tough way! Why? I don't play that!

Posted by Wayman Gresham on Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Trying Jesus is always the best solution to any problem – but when it comes to parenting, it goes without saying that it’s the best solution.