Court Forces School District to Pay $75K to Transgender Teen w/ Hurt Feelings

A transgender student in Maine, who goes by the name “Nicole” Maines, recently won her lawsuit for discrimination against the Orono school district. What was the school district’s crime? They made the boy who says he’s a girl use the staff facilities instead of the student restrooms! (How dare they…)

“Nicole” is a 17-year old biological male who has lived his life as a female. Nicole was using the girls’ bathroom in her elementary school until the grandfather of a fifth-grade boy complained about the arrangement. The district decided to let Nicole use the staff bathrooms instead, but the child’s parents felt that this answer somehow amounted to discrimination.

Again, I am just aghast at the outcome of this court case. For years, we as a culture have worked hard to protect our children from possibly harmful situations… and now in the space of one or two generations we are willingly allowing perverts to put them in danger? This makes no sense.

Girls and boys bathrooms have not been separate for years because of “comfort” issues but because of “propriety” issues. It is unseemly for men and women to use the same restroom facilities. The only reason for this unseemliness is the physical, biological difference that exists between men and women. Not the clothing that we wear, or the way we feel about ourselves… BIOLOGY.

When did liberals become so averse to science?

As more and more states, cities, towns, schools and workplaces turn their bathrooms genderless we will see a greater increase in crime, indecency and other similar issues. Genderless bathrooms don’t “create” extra problems, but they do make it much easier for the corrupt, immoral and perverse in our culture to act out their indecent fantasies.

Remember when everything the Democrats did was “for the children?” Anyone else starting to miss those heady old days…?