Why Do We Continue To Negotiate With Terrorist?

It boggles the mind that our leaders continue to validate such terrorist organizations as Hamas. We continue to meet and deal with people who blowup women and children. Unfortunately, this is not a one party problem. Republican administrations are just as guilty of negotiations with terrorists. And it will happen again in London on Tuesday.

Today, Secretary of State, John Kerry will meet with Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu in Rome. The topic of their meeting is set to be a U.N. resolution, backed by Jordan, concerning the establishment of a Palestinian state. The resolution would put a timetable on Israel’s vacating of certain areas.

The U.S. has blocked such timetable resolutions in the past. This stance was made harder to maintain after support of a Palestinian state rose this summer. Europeans, who are either badly informed or emotionally driven, have been pressuring their governments to support such a move. This pressure has made it unpopular for the U.S. to back Israel within the U.N.

This European view of Palestinian statehood was a shift this summer caused by the bombing deaths, which occurred during Israeli air strikes. I hope that Europeans are simply misinformed as many Americans have been concerning this issue. Yes, civilians were accidentally kill, but only because military targets were located nearby. Palestinian/Hamas military leadership purposely put their own people in danger.

As Israel was bombarded with rocks and mortar fire, these Europeans would have them to do nothing. And these same Palestinian leaders who are meeting with Kerry tomorrow should not be negotiated with but arrested or shot on sight.

As has been the habit of every administration since Reagan, Kerry and Obama will validate this terror group by meeting to discuss their becoming a sovereign country. He will do this, even as we maintain that we will not negotiate with terrorist groups.

I wish we could maintain the Pollyanna idea that our leaders are missing the connection here. It would be so much better if they just were unable to see what they and other world leaders were doing by meeting with such murderous villains.

What would they think if the prime minister of France met with the leaders of Al Qaeda? Would they be as passive as Israel has been? If so then they are worthless to do the most important part of their job; the protection of our citizens.

As I pointed out in an earlier article, there is something much more dangerous about this trend. Both here in the U.S. and Europe, there is a trend to emotionalize the effects of war. This trend has gone to the point that we will soon make self-defense illegal. It has been the problem of Israel for several years and is now coming home.

International treaties concerning war and its legal undertaking clearly provides for the execution of illegal combatants. These are anyone not identified as belonging to an armed force. This has one great effect, and that is the separation and distinction of soldiers and civilians. Anyone caught fighting in civilian clothing can and should be executed.

As we back off of this understanding, we justify and legitimize both terrorists like Hamas and the use of human shields by them. I hope that there will be a shift in U.S. foreign policy. This policy shift has to begin with our taking a harder line against murderers. Those who commit acts of hostile aggression, terror, and murder get nothing but the gun. All other attitudes only serve to promote rather than deter terrorism.