Conservative Shuts Down Liberal Reporter on Illegal Immigration using FACTS

Senator-elect Tom Cotton (R-AR) was on Meet the Press Sunday, with NBC’s favorite liberal hack, Chuck Todd. Todd was pushing Cotton on illegal immigration and the possibility that an open border with Mexico could lead to terrorist attacks. At one point, Todd even accused the soon-to-be Senator of “fear mongering.” Fortunately for us Cotton was up to the task and he used pure and simple truth to combat the liberal talking points being spewed by the NBC reporter.



Chuck Todd: Now, you brought up one other issue during the campaign. I want to ask you about it. Let me play some audio from you about the immigration issue.

Rep. Tom Cotton First off, we have a lot at stake to collaborate with drug cartels in Mexico that have clearly shown their ready to expand outside the drug trade into human trafficking and potentially even terrorism. They could infiltrate our defenseless southern border and attack it right here in places like Arkansas.

Todd: You didn’t bring up terrorism just now with me. You did in a campaign phone call. Is that just campaign rhetoric?

Cotton: No. I mean, Hezbollah–

Todd: What’s the evidence?

illegal immigation2Cotton: No, Hezbollah has tried to launch terrorist attacks right here in Washington D.C. They’re under federal indictment collaborating with locals in Mexico to cross our borders, attack us here. As long as our border is open and it’s defenseless, then it’s not just an immigration issue, it’s a national security issue. And we know that these drug cartels in Mexico are focused primarily on power and profit. They’ll branch out into any activity if it brings them more money and helps them consolidate control. That’s yet another reason why we have to get control of our border.

Todd: Do you worry that rhetoric like that ends up making it even that much harder to actually get some sort of agreeable immigration bill?

Cotton: No.

Todd: Because that plays to fear. That’s, you know, some would argue that’s fear mongering.

Cotton: Well, the Islamic State is cutting the heads off of Americans right now. And their leader has said they want to strike us here in the United States. That’s something that we should be fearful of and that we should take a strong stance against, whether it’s in Iraq, in Syria, or whether it’s securing our southern border.

It’s not fear mongering when the danger actually exists and the people we are concerned about are actually trying to hurt us. The right time to question “fear mongering” is when Democrats tell women that Republicans want to end their access to healthcare, when they tell seniors we want them to die, when they tell parents we want to destroy education, when they tell Blacks that we want to enslave them, when they tell Latinos that we want to send them “home”, when they tell blue collar workers that we’re against them…

But Chuck never talks about those fear mongering tactics, does he?