Conservative says Sony’s Self Censorship is at it’s Root a Liberal Problem

Conservative pundit George Will (and many others) are not happy with Sony’s decision to pull the Interview from it’s Christmas Day launch. However, Will goes even further and said on Fox News that Sony’s decision exposes the problem with liberalism.



Fox News’ Chris Wallace: So George, did Sony make a mistake? What should they have done when the big movie theater chains said that they weren’t going to run the movie? And how serious a threat do you see this to freedom of expression in this country? 

George Will: Well, the president is right. You can’t have a free society if a dictator can impose censorship on us. That’s true but not exactly pertinent because North Korea did not and does not have the power, unless the country is full of sleeper cells of North Koreans ready to act against every cineplex in the country. This was self-censorship, and it happens in America all the time, and I wish the president would come to the party and talk about it. That is, there are two great citadels of American liberalism unchallenged in America, Hollywood and college campuses. College campuses constantly restrict speech in the name of a new entitlement, not to have your intellectual serenity disturbed, your emotional equilibrium upset, or your feelings hurt. Happens all the time.

So when this occurred, Sony had no vocabulary, no philosophic basis for pushing back.