Conservative Says Kerry Trip to Paris “Like an Onion Story!”

If you’ve never read a story at the Onion, then you’ve probably been living in a hole for the last decade. The Onion is a satirical news website that generates headlines like this; “Man Looks on Helplessly as Friend Tells Him Story he’s Already Heard.”

Well, it’s to that satirical website that conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer just compared John Kerry’s decision to bring James Taylor to France to say ‘I’m sorry’.

Barry Kerry Clown Show“I would normally have insouciance over a James Taylor performance, but this is happening in Paris flown in by the Secretary of State, a way to a appease the French over the snub of last week. It seems like an Onion story but it actually is real. And it was preceded by a hug offered by the Secretary of State to Francois Hollande that Hollande was not quite prepared for… A British newspaper has already called it Le Hug. It’s now immortal.”

Very Funny Stuff.