Conservative Icon Mark Levin Destroys Fox News for their Attacks on Trump and Cruz!

Conservative radio icon Mark Levin has been on a tear of late. Like many of us, he has watched establishment forces work to undermine both the outsiders in the GOP presidential campaign as well as the conservatives, and you can tell that “the Great One” has grown tired of it all.

In a recent show Levin spent a little time excoriating Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume and Fox News for their efforts at destroying the character and the campaigns of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

About Hume on Cruz:

“By the way, I have to say this and I don’t want to say this because I like the man, but he is exposing himself, so be it. I don’t know of anybody that has more obsessive hate for Ted Cruz than Brit Hume at Fox. It’s not personal. I’m just telling you what I observe. Go ahead and read his – look, it’s open. Go ahead and read his Twitter comments. It’s incredible.”

About Krauthammer on Trump:

“And I don’t know of anyone that has more hate for Donald Trump than Charles Krauthammer. Let me just say this Charles: Trump is a thousand times better than Mondale, the guy you used to work for. Just a comment, nothing personal. And yet these guys are throwing bricks, they’re shooting arrows at everybody and if you say anything, ‘Oh no, I’ll never be invited back.’ I banned myself.”

It was interesting to see Levin spend so much time defending the two GOP candidates from the establishment GOP pundits. Levin didn’t stop there either — he had some even harsher words for Krauthammer’s seeming hypocrisy.

“I’ll tell you something else – I’m sick and tired of his intelligence being questioned by the stupidos on cable TV. He’s an incredibly brilliant man, as are many of the people on that stage – incredibly. We got to sit here and listen to former Mondale staffers – a Mondale staffer says, ‘Well, he changes his view… Here’s a guy – our friend Charles – who worked for Walter Mondale when Ronald Reagan was president, who supported Carter and Mondale against Reagan and Reagan. And he changed his view but apparently only he can change his view. And now he’s Mr. Conservative. OK, fine, fine – but you are a bit of a hypocrite.”


You can hear Levin’s commentary over at Breitbart.