Conservative Compares Hillary Email Scandal to President Clinton’s Sex Scandal!

Conservative Pundit Charles Krauthammer pounced on the recently exposed Hillary Clinton email scandal by comparing her malfeasance to that of her husband.

I mean, the adjective Clintonian was invented for these fine distinctions between legal, illegal, proper and improper. This is a version of it depends on what the word ‘is’ is.

Krauthammer is right; this hurts Hillary because it’s just more ammunition for her enemies. This typed of behavior fits the Clinton family modus operandi and plays into the stereotype that most Americans have of the Clinton’s as entitled, self-serving liars. How Hillary Clinton can escape these back-to-back scandals to still offer a competitive run for the White House mystifies me.

Just a couple of weeks ago it was reported that the Clinton family was accepting money from foreign nations that we can easily describe as our enemies. The money is used to fund the Clinton’s lavish style of living while being funneled through their Clinton Family Foundation.

Now, we learn that during her time as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton was illegally using a private email system to do the people’s business. This is something that flies in the face of federal law. We demand our government use government run email services for a several reasons: transparency, accountability and security. Team Clinton’s use of private email means that there was no transparency in their dealings! We can’t reasonably hope to hold her accountable for anything that may have gone wrong during her tenure leading the State Department, and her private email system may have been breached because we could not ensure its security.

It’s a disturbing scenario, but it shouldn’t be surprising… this is the Clinton family after all.



Bret Baier: ABC’s 20/20 did a story back in 2001 in which it had Mrs. Clinton on camera saying this:

Hillary Clinton: As much as I’ve been investigated and all of that, you know, why would I — I don’t even want — why would I ever want to do e-mail? Could you imagine?

That was from 20/20. It seems that this server, Charles, was set up the day that she was sworn in as secretary of state. The domain is active until after the election of 2016.

hillary-squishCharles Krauthammer: Yes, a lot of people have private e-mail accounts but name one who has a private server set up that they control and it’s in their house with Secret Service protecting the house…

If you are going to be secretary of state and you said in 2001 why would I do e-mail and you’re using a private account, you are setting it up in your house so it’s protected, you are clearly constructing a system in which you control access. If anybody ever demands access you will have your lawyers out there for a year blocking questioning and protecting it. And as we just heard if you want to make something disappear by swapping out a server you can do it and nobody knows.

Why would you do that if you’re secretary of state and you’re not intending at some point to be secretive about it? This is the same old Clinton that we know. And I think the reason that it hurts her is because we’ve seen the movie before throughout the ’90s. The Clintons aren’t just entitled, they also have a sense that they are to be protected in the way no one else is and then they end up when they’re accused of violating either the law or the practice making distinctions that are — I mean, the adjective Clintonian was invented for these fine distinctions between legal, illegal, proper and improper. This is a version of it depends on what the word ‘is’ is.