Congress Sneak Measures in To Must Pass Budget

As this congressional session comes to an end and the Representatives and Senators prepare for their winter break, there seems to be all indication of a budget passage for 2015. A budget means there will be no major shutdown, nor will we have the gridlock that has accompanied so many years of the Obama administration. We have to ask the question: is that necessarily a good sign?

Much of what is now being call the “Omnibus” is the same old budget. And much of what it contains has been worked through within committee meetings. There has been ample time for debate within these committees. We, as tax payers, should then feel that everything is on the up and up, and all is well. Right?

Well, not so fast. There are a few areas of concern.

First, there is the concern that comes with what Paul Kane calls “policy riders.” These policy riders are measures that have been added on to the bill as it reaches the floor. There has been debate over some, but a few will pass with little mention.

These policy riders include such measures as the creation of manufacturing hubs, the revising of portions of Dodd-Frank, and the increase in political donation ceilings. This has caused the questioning of what exactly is going to come from this bill.

There are several things that will be cut or worked around, such as the funding for Obama’s “Race to the Top,” and Michelle’s nutrition mandate to public schools. Though this personally thrills me to death, it makes me wonder what exactly is in here. How is this slipping by the Democrats, who at least for now have the votes. This leads to the next concern.

The second concern is that this bill is a whopping 1600 or so pages, and it was just released to the congress for consideration. It has to pass before Friday evening or there will be a shutdown of the Federal Government. Once again, our congress is asked to accept and pass a bill that few have read and probably fewer have fully understood.

I know. It is good that the congress is trying to get some work done. I also will concede that the last thing our economy needs is another reason to stagnate. Stagnation would surely be the outcome of another government shutdown.

On the other hand, I can not help but cringe at the thought that we are going to see another bill passed that no one has read. Is that not what we were screaming about with Obamacare. Though the budget is not unconstitutional, it is very similar in the fact that it is not fully considered.

I mean, call me old fashioned but I doubt this is what our founders had in mind when they thought up this process. I mean, it seems unlikely that Washington and Jefferson envisioned eleven months of no actual accomplishments then a hectic push at the end to get something, anything passed.

No, but unfortunately it seems that this has become the norm for our congressional leaders. Argue and bicker all year to make a good show, then rush to get something through. All the while spending most of their time and energy to get re-elected.

With that said, the bill is not terrible. It continues the waist tax-payers money and the government continues its intrusion into our lives, businesses, and now even what we eat. But for a communist country, its not that bad.