Clinton’s Aide Facing Nondisclosure Lawsuit over Emails

Sometimes Politics today run more like episodes of the ’60 sitcom Batman.  Every week, Batman and Robin are seconds from getting blown up, cut in two, or drowned, and every week they escape.  Likewise, these escape artist never capture the villains.  They foil their plans, but never bring them to justice.  In politics, it is the same.  The Republicans are constantly telling the world what laws the Democrats have broken, and the Democrats slip through.  No charges, not proof.  It is the same with the Clinton email scandal, but now the Republicans are set on getting someone.

The Washington Times reports

The emails of Huma Abedin, the top personal aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, are now facing a disclosure lawsuit after the State Department failed to turn them over in response to an open-records request.

This is nothing new for the State Department it seems.  As I have reported, they are understaffed and behind.  This is not to make excuses, but beauracracies cost money, as it employs many people.  There just is not enough people to comply with all the requests for records.  But this material is most likely time sensitive, being that it could pertain to indiscretions on the part of Adebin’s boss.  So then who is suing?

Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest law firm that uses open-records laws to pry information loose, had filed a request to get a look at Ms. Abedin’s emails during her four years at the State Department. News outlets have reported that Ms. Abedin also used the private email server Mrs. Clinton set up to handle government business, but the status of her messages is unclear.

Judicial Watch is seeking to obtain what Hillary has refused to hand over.  They are attempting a back door into the emails.  Now, I do not think that this is a bad idea, but it is one unlikely to be a successful idea.  Even if the State Department was inclined to hand over Ms. Abedin’s emails, how long would it take for them to review them?  And I am not convinced that the State Department is in any hurry to hand over their former bosses emails.  I would think that the State Department would be encouraged to comply knowing that this same woman may be president in a little more than eighteen months.

The State Department has turned about 300 emails over to the Benghazi probe, but has refused to release the other tens of thousands of messages, saying it wants to process and clear them all at the same time, which will take months.

So supposedly, the State Department has determined what is and what is not relivent to the Benghazi probe.  This is very much in the same vein as what Hillary has done concerning her private emails.  But the whole point of having open records is for such determinations to be made.  Yet, because of the legal difficulty that the private emails have caused, there is little doubt the motive behind Hillary opting out of official emails.

We also have to remember that Ms. Abedim is also facing scrutiny over her employment status at the State Department.

Mrs. Clinton designated her a special government employee, allowing her to collect a federal salary even as she also worked for an outside consulting company.

The State Department is seeking to discover whether or not this was legal and what exactly qualified Abedin as special.

Ohh! They escaped just as time ran out.