Clinton Set to Announce White House Bid Amid Two Legal Controversies

When we want something bad enough, it is hard to see that there will be little chance of us accomplishing our goal. It has been rumored that Hillary Clinton is running for president ever since Bill vacated the highest office of the land. Then in 2008, the time must have felt right. It seemed to be a shoe-in and then came Senator Obama. Now, after seven years of waiting, Clinton and her advisors felt it was time again. Then came the private email debacle.

Though there are many things that Clinton will have to overcome in the general election, there might also be many others things that her opponents will likely use against the embattled former Secretary of State. There are the aforementioned emails and the professionally scrubbed hard drive. Not to mention the fact that Hillary was receiving money for her family charity that was not recorded. Money from foreign governments, while she was our counties highest diplomat. For many there was little possibility that Clinton would make a serious run amid so much controversy.

Reuter reports

Hillary Clinton will announce her second run for the presidency on Sunday, starting her campaign as the Democrats’ best hope of fending off a crowded field of lesser-known Republican rivals and retaining the White House.

Now, we have to understand that there are only accusations of wrong doing, and as long as the Clintons have the power and pull they currently have, short of shooting someone in public there will never be any charges brought against them. This hope held out by many that these criminals will be charged or prosecuted is a pipe-dream. Barring the murder mentioned above or a young unheard of black senator, we will likely have our first woman president in 2017.

Hillary is casting herself in a new light.

Clinton, 67, has sounded out potential campaign themes during public appearances, casting herself as both a love-filled new grandmother with a vested concern in the future and a wise former diplomat who understands how countries thrive and fail.

So, now instead of the Margret Singer act we have had of the take no prisoner progressive liberal, we are going to get the softer Granny Clampett. She is now going to show us how a country is successfully run. She has our future in mind. Poppycock, I say.

It never ceases to amaze me the way the left reports the news. I see the email and charity controversies as major issues. She broke the law and lied in her agreement with the President. That is if she did not take bribes, but the left and our DOJ do not even say boo.

This is how Reuters presented the issues after gushing about Hillary

As Hillary Clinton prepared to start her campaign, she faced criticism from Republicans for using only a personal email account while secretary of state, and for the Clinton Foundation’s reliance on donations and payments from foreign governments for its philanthropy work abroad, even as she served as the country’s top diplomat.

You see, here is the problem. Democrats can have extra marital affairs, cheat, steal, and not pay taxes and as long as they do not want to cut government programs or taxes, then there is no problems. We must recognize that our biggest fight is not political. Our biggest fight is spiritual. These people are blind and apparently a little delusional. God help us if this communist gets in the White House.