Christian Martyrs Long Ignored in Iraq

Many different people have long said that the Muslim faith is dangerous. From the time of its founding in Arabia and dissenting tribesmen refused Mohammad as a prophet, to the resisting citizen of Constantinople in 1453, to the Iraqi minister concerned for his parishioners safety during a Lord’s Day service.
The liberal media would have us believe that the majority of Muslims are not violent and are content with living in peaceful coexistence. It is promised that most Muslims have no desire to commit violence against their neighbors, no matter their religion.
History and recent events paint a different picture of the Muslim and the religion he follows. From the 7th century until today, the rise and spread of Islam has been a violent and bloody one. Its rapid spread was considered a plague and punishment of God by many Church leaders.
Still today, there are many who see this plague and its modern rise and spread as a plague and punishment of God. As once again, those who read the Qur’an honestly, the call for Jihad is taken to mean holy war still emanates from its pages.
Just as the Arabs and then the Turks sought to set up a perfect Muslim kingdom, now many Muslims flock to the false Caliphate in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is spreading its hateful death to all in their power. But, this is not something new. ISIS has been seeking the annihilation of Christians in Iraq for years.
Why have we not heard of the systematic murder, bombings, torture, kidnappings and rape that has plagued the country for years? The same reason that we heard a lot about Darfur and nothing about Southern Sudan. In the same country, the Sudanese military was attacking Christians in the south and Muslim rebels in the west. Both were inhuman and evil, but no one hardly said boo over the Christian blood spilled.
Because the Christian is not seen as a favored group, then the media, politicians, and celebrities have no trouble ignoring their slaughter. It would seem that the bleeding heart only bleeds for certain groups.
Recent reports from Iraq report the beheading of four teenage girls fro refusing to deny Christ. Also, that churches are being ransacked and converted to prisons and places of torture. These ambassadors of Muhammad are torturing and raping Christian women and murdering children in the name of Allah.
Why are silent when they are killing thousands and are prosecuting hundreds of thousands more? More than two-thirds of Iraq’s Christian population has been displaced between 2003 and 2010 as ISIS used the conflict there as an opportunity to cleanse the country of its Christian population and past.
Pray that God is gracious to this Christian population. Pray that He will allow this difficult time workout, as He has in the past, a means of revival in this region. May these deaths not be in vain, but that God would be glorified.