Chris Christie Refuses to Say He ‘Stands with the NRA’


So, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) sat down with CBS’ John Dickerson over the weekend when Dickerson pushed on the one issue that Christie was most hoping to avoid.


Dickerson found Christie’s weak point and pressed, causing the Governor some discomfort. When Dickerson wondered why Christie had distanced himself from the NRA and 2nd Amendment supporting Americans, Christie demurred.

“I’ve learned about this over time. In New Jersey, I have grown up in a culture in our state of very, very vigorous anti-gun laws. As I’ve traveled the country as RGA chairman, as I’ve traveled the country as a governor, I’ve learned a great deal about this.”

Christie tried to dissuade Dickerson from moving forward on guns by offering an example of how his mind had changed on the issue. For example, Christie said that if he was elected President, he would support allowing guns on military bases and leaving it to the states to handle whether or not schools should be gun free zones.

“And my actions as governor of New Jersey have been exactly where I think they need to be,” he said. “When these things involve public safety, I’m for public safety. But if there are laws that are just going to make legislators and governors feel better, they shouldn’t be into place and infringe Second Amendment rights,” the Governor pled.

However, there’s just no way that Christie will ever give his complete support to the NRA. No way at all. Dickerson gave him the opportunity, but Christie chose instead to make it sound like supporting the 2nd Amendment can be “extreme.”

“The fact is that if the NRA — not on every issue, but on the issues. You tick them down issue by issue, and I’ll be able to answer for you,” Christie said. “But I’m not going to say I stand with anybody, any particular interest group and give them a blank check. That’s not what leadership is.”

Sadly, Governor Christie, while you believe that supporting the Constitution is apparently sometimes wrong, the NRA and other 2nd Amendment supporters are right, and you are the one with worrisome beliefs.

Instead, of being worried about those “extremists” who are looking to protect their rights, maybe you should be worried about government nannies looking to steal our rights.

Chris Christie is wrong for America, and he is wrong for the GOP.