No Christmas in Venezuela

Some still believe that there are good versions of socialism. People who have had little real experience with life. Actors, certain politicians, and the uber-rich, have come to these conclusions free of the pesky problem of experience. Having to produce for yourself rather than have things handed to you makes you appreciate how wealth is created. The problem is that those who want the government to pay for everything live off of the capital that only free market capitalism can produce. But, if Read more […]

GAO: Easy To Cheat Obamacare, Medicaid

How easy is it to cheat Obamacare or Medicaid to receive highly subsidized federal health insurance? Very, it turns out, according to a U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO) and its undercover operation. All 10 fictitious Obamacare applicants who worked for GAO were approved for federal government subsidies and issued health insurance coverage, many using phony Social Security and a fictitious employer. Seven out of eight other applicants to Medicaid insurance were also approved. The tests Read more […]

Ben Carson: Welfare Perpetuates Poverty To Buy Votes

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson used a Sunday campaign stop in Georgia to accuse politicians of using poverty to bolster their voting constituencies. In his eyes, open-ended welfare has not only perpetuated poverty, its sustained a loyal voting bloc for certain politicians. “False compassion is patting them on the head and saying, ‘You can’t take care of yourself and I’m going to give you food stamps, a housing subsidy and free health care,’” Carson said according to Read more […]

Nearly Half of Legal Immigrant Households Use Welfare

Legal immigrant households dominate immigrant welfare use in the United States, a new study shows. About half of all legal immigrant households use welfare, and they account for 75 percent of all immigrant household welfare use, reported the Center for Immigration Studies in a follow up to last week’s report that more than half of all immigrants in the United States use welfare. Using Census Bureau data, CIS estimated 49 percent of households headed by legal immigrants used one or more Read more […]

Obama Claims that Medicare and Medicaid are Doing Fine

In his most recent weekly address President Obama took the time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Meidcare and Medicaid by saying the opposite of what politicians on both sides of the aisle have been saying for years. The President argued in his speech that Medicare and Medicaid are not in “crisis” and doing quite well.     This week, there was a big birthday you might have missed. Medicare and Medicaid turned 50 years old. And that’s something worth celebrating. If Read more […]

Liberal Polices Haven’t Helped Lift the Underclass from Poverty

Carl Cannon of Real Clear Politics interviewed journalist and author Jason Riley about his book “Please Stop Helping Us”. The well-intentioned efforts of the left over the last fifty years to help the black underclass have backfired. Riley studied all of the many programs from the left of the last fifty-plus years and found that the vast majority of liberal programs have actually hurt the black community instead of helped it. “It’s not about what I think the government needs to start Read more […]

Statist Look to the Disease for the Cure as they seek to Fix Intercity Crime

I have said on several occasions that one of the biggest problems we have when coming to any subject or problem is the ideas or beliefs we bring with us.  The ideas are not something that we formulate as we analyze the situation.  Rather, these ideas are pre-formed or presumed even before we know the problem exists.  This is not a condition of left or right politics.  It is not a condition of Christian or non-Christian.  We all suffer from this presuppositional thinking. We see this kind Read more […]

REPORT: The Worst Examples Of Welfare Fraud And How To Fix Them

The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) released a report Thursday detailing the worst examples of welfare fraud and how to fix them. “Across the nation, government welfare programs are plagued with wasteful spending,” Illinois, Read more […]

Colorado Set to Criminalize Welfare Benefits in Pot Shops

For those among the conservative community, there are few things that could anger you more that the thought of welfare benefits used for marijuana purchases. There have been rumors that this was happening on a regular basis in Colorado smoke shops since their legalization. There has been very little proof that this abuse of welfare was actually happening. But many still persist to believe that it was a major problem. In light of such rumors, is reporting: “. . . state lawmakers this Read more […]

Wal-mart’s $2.6 Billion Welfare Check from the Government

Should the federal government be spending billions of dollars to pump up Wal-Mart’s profits? I know that question sounds really bizarre, but unfortunately this is essentially what is happening. Because Wal-Mart does not pay them enough money, hundreds of thousands of Wal-Mart employees enroll in Medicaid, food stamps and other social welfare programs. Even though Wal-Mart makes enormous profits, they refuse to properly take care of their employees so the federal government has to do it. Read more […]