Police Union Boycotts Obama’s Speech

When you are seeking to destroy all the institutions of a nation, you are bound to burn a bridge or two.  There is no way around angering someone that supported your rise to power.  When your stated goal is to fundamentally change America, those who safe guard America necessarily will be in your crosshairs.  And there are some police that have taken notice of the president’s callous attitude toward the recent police deaths in America. The Breitbart reports The New England Police Benevolent Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Panders to Unions on Labor Day

Hillary Clinton may be having some problems with our criminal justice system of late, but that doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten how to pander. Liberals love Labor Day because it offers them the opportunity to get back to their socialist roots without seeming ‘overly socialist’ — and Hillary is not one to ever miss a chance at being socialist. This year, in the midst of a run at the Democrat presidential nomination, the Clinton team decided to use Labor Day as a means of pandering to her Read more […]

Many Supposed Independent Unions Supporters in Missouri found to Have Union Ties

Many have grown up with a view of organized labor.  We receive this view from where we were born and raised and what our father’s job was.  This deeply entrenched conviction is difficult to shake.  This is especially hard when many organizations are spending thousands to push labor’s agenda.  In Missouri, there seems to be many grassroots organizations fighting to keep organized labor entrenched in the state.  but are they what what they seem? Watchdog reports To keep state lawmakers from Read more […]

How Unions Suddenly Came To Love Obamacare

When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare Thursday, unions praised the decision, but it wasn’t always that way. The biggest, most powerful unions in the U.S. opposed the law until they were granted special exemptions. “The decision is a victory for the millions of Americans who need financial assistance to purchase health insurance, and means that tax credits for middle class and low-income Americans will be available in all 50 states,” United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) said in a Read more […]

Unions Hate Fast-Track So Much, Even Worker Protections Are Worth Sacrificing

Unions are praising House Democrats for killing a program meant to help workers negatively impacted by international trade Friday in an effort to damage another measure that could grant President Barack Obama unilateral trade powers. “In rejecting the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) portion of the trade package this afternoon, a resounding bipartisan majority of lawmakers agreed that workers don’t want to be retrained for a new career,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said in a statement. Read more […]

Haley Tells UAW They Are Wasting Their Time

Like on many other issues, the North and the South have historically been on opposite sides of the union issue.  For many Southerners, there was no need to have a person speak for them and take money earned from their paycheck.  But as big business has moved from its Northern homes, unions have found it increasingly difficult to get a foothold.  But, it is not just the different mindset of the Southerners causing this problem.  Many politicians in Southern states are fighting to keep the unions Read more […]

Hypocritical Union Seeks to Escape Wage Hike that it Fought to get Passed

When you fight for a rule, it is assumed that you yourself are willing and even wanting to live under the rule.  If you try to get out of doing the thing that you are opposing on another, then you are a hypocrite.  So, when the union picketed and fought to get the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars, it was assumed that they were seeking the same for all workers.  But this is found to not be true. Fox reports Union leaders in Los Angeles are being accused of hypocrisy after being caught Read more […]

Obama’s Illegal Immigration Amnesty Could Mean Life or Death for Unions

With the AFL-CIO announcing plans to help immigrants last week, some are arguing it’s all just a thinly veiled effort to gain more members. “President Obama’s executive actions were the right thing to do, but we’re not done yet,” Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, said in a statement. “This progress can be stalled but it cannot be stopped. With the launching of the ‘We Rise!’ initiative we are moving forward.” The union argues the initiative will help immigrants gain a voice and rights Read more […]

Wisconsin Teachers Union Defy State Law & Fail

A Wisconsin court struck down a collective bargaining agreement between a local school district and their unions for violating the labor reform law known as Act 10, according to a statement released Friday. Carrie Ann Glembocki and Kristi LaCroix, two teachers from the Kenosha School District, filed the lawsuit in 2013 to challenge a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which they argue violated Wisconsin state law. With legal assistance from the National Right to Work Foundation (NRTW) and Read more […]

TPP is the Republican Version of Obamacare

Remember how angry you were when the Democrats shoved government run healthcare down the throats of the American people? Well, prepare to get that angry again. There is a move in Congress, led by Republicans to pass “Fast Track.” This bill will allow Congress to give a simple up or down vote on trade deals. The reason that they want to pass such a bill into law is that they want to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). So, what is TPP exactly? It is an expansion of NAFTA. That’s right, Read more […]

Media All Worked Up over Walker Comparing Unions to ISIS, But They Have Nothing Else

It is sometimes difficult to watch as two children banter back and forth. Usually, a very clever child is making the less quick-witted, if not smarter child look silly. It is painful because we have all been in that situation when our mind just fails to produce the needed information. We find it all but impossible to remember anything funny they have done. We can make no connections and when we think we have come up with something it falls flat. Well, this kind of happened to Scott Walker at CPAC. Bloomberg Read more […]

Obama’s Trade Deal Has Opposition from Both Sides of the Aisle

It is not strange that we find few people who truly trust Obama. Though, many in his own party want him to be successful, they do not trusts him to make the right decisions on his own. This is not a strange occurrence because of Obama’s track history. Obama has lied about several things and distorted fact about others. This has fostered an air of mistrust among even his Democratic colleges. This may produce difficulty for the President in areas that should have gone smoothly. The Washington Read more […]

Governor Rauner: No More Compulsory Dues for Public Unions

Things continue to get worse for the Unions and especially in the mid-West. First Wisconsin and then Indiana, now Illinois. These states have begun to see that they have been brought to higher cost of living and layoffs by Unions. We know that there has been at least a partial awakening as evidenced in the last several elections. Hardworking men and women are realizing that the situation of economic downturn is worsened by unions. It is like a struggling swimmer with a weight on his back. Illinois Read more […]

UAW Vote in Alabama Plant Points to Voter Corruption in Union Bid to Stay

It’s funny how things change as you get older. When I was growing up, there was much made of corrupt manufacturing ownership. There was given the impression in many things coming out of Hollywood that the only protections working class people had was to be found in the union. Coming from a right to work state, this was hard to put into context once I entered the workforce. Most of my employers were fair and paid well. Now as I have gotten older and observed things, this Hollywood fantasy has Read more […]