Mizzou Instructor Accused Of Assaulting Relative For Not Wearing Hijab

A graduate teaching assistant at the University of Missouri (MU) has been arrested and could be charged with child abuse after he allegedly assaulted a 14-year-old relative after seeing her in school without a headscarf. Youssif Omar was reportedly at Hickman High School in Columbia, Mo., last Tuesday when he spotted the girl, and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a hijab, a traditional headscarf worn by many Muslim women and that many believers regard as a religious obligation. According Read more […]

Defense Blimp Proving to be Ineffective Money Pit

When a Department of Defense blimp broke its moorings this week, many were amazed at the devastation the runaway craft wrought. Many thought that the downed power and other utilities were the most expensive part of the story, but we have discovered that the destruction of property is the least expensive part of this blimp. Fox reports The airship was one of two flown by the $2.7 billion JLENS (Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor) program, which has had a troubled budget Read more […]

Atheist Blackmails Florida County Commissioners

We have seen it happen over and over.  Atheist, because they believe in nothing, feel left out.  When a group prays, they have no response.  What I mean is that they do not pray, so they really cannot say that they are not given equal time.  They are; they just do not pray.  So, to cease all prayer, they claim Satan.  They wish to pray to the Devil in an attempt to make it too costly for anyone to pray. At first this tactic worked perfectly.  Many, finding the cost of court and the thought Read more […]

Honor Killing in Germany Highlights Real Rape Culture and no Feminists Rallies

While women in Western culture decry the discrimination that they face at the hands of men, there has been relatively little mention of the plight of the Muslim woman.  Leftist women organize rallies called Slut Walks, where they dress and act provocatively.  This is done to show men that they act this way absent the desire to attract them sexually.  These women claim that they are rallying to expose and destroy the “Rape Culture” in the West. Again, these supposed champions of women’s Read more […]

Trump Says that Property Theft is Okay as Long as the Government is the Thief

Many things our government has made legal for them to do, are a little less than honest.  If we were to begin to ask the right questions in the correct way, we could easily see what it is the government is really doing.  This is why I believe that every child should be made to at least read through the Communist Manifesto.  If we are not willing to know the enemy, we have no chance to defeat them. So, when our politicians or business people begin to justify some of the shadier practices of Read more […]

Charity Stops goods going to Calais Refugee Camp When they Discovered the Refugees were not Fleeing Anything

As we have been watching the migrant crisis in Europe, it is hard to discern exactly what should and what should not be believed.  If we look at the mainstream news channels and newspapers, we will get the idea that women and children are in direr need of our help.  But as I have reported, this is far from the truth.  And one British charity has finally woke up to this. Breitbart reports A Bradford based charity will now only be helping genuine refugees near Syria after they woke up to the Read more […]

Seem No Avoiding Strike at Chrysler

For the last couple of years, there has seemed to be a slight upswing in the American auto industry.  But the slowest to recover has been Fiat Chrysler.  The Giant, along with GM, was forced to turn to the government for help in 2009.  Now, Chrysler faces another test.  Can they squeeze out profits and still pay their employees what their counterparts are making at the other two motor companies? The Washington Post reports After autoworkers decisively rejected a proposed contract offer from Read more […]

Russia’s Boldness Continues as they Shadow American Drones

Amid much protest from America and her allies, Russia has continued to move military equipment into Syria.  They have also begun conducting an air campaign that the Pentagon has claimed was more aimed a CIA-backed rebels than at ISIS.  As, well, they have been accused of violating Syrian rival Turkey’s airspace.  But to show the world that they do not tarry special favors to the U.S. military, they have begun to use intimidation tactics on them as well. Fox reports Russian fighter jets shadowed Read more […]

Border Patrol are now Asked to Consider Gender Identity

Not long ago, the idea that one could feel like or identify themselves as something that they were not, was considered strange.  In fact, not too many years ago, it would have been grounds for institutionalization.  When a child sang, “I’m a little teapot,” no one thought they believed that they were.  But today we must ask if that is not the case. People who are born one gender is claiming that they are actually the opposite gender.  They know this because they “identify” as such.  Read more […]

Professor Sues University for Infringing His 2nd Amendment

Have you ever felt as though, there was no use in fighting a rule, though you thought that the rule was wrong?  The rule might even be one that is unlawful, but it is not worth your time because you felt that the establishment was against you.  Well, this is what the establishment wants us to think.  This way we will not take the time or go through the trouble to fight.  One professor has decided that it was worth his time. Fox reports One of the University of Missouri’s very own legal Read more […]

Lesbian Bishop shows why European Church is doomed

Most of the so-called state churches of Europe have long since been apostate.  They do not believe the Scriptures, they deny miracles and allow almost any deviant who will, to serve as a church leader.  So, when you start an article with a lesbian priest, it is almost enough said.  But, then you realize that what she says points out the problem.  It has illustrative value.  So much so that you hope those who claim Christ will be shaken from their dead state. Breitbart reports The Bishop Read more […]

Executive Order on Stricter Gun Laws Soon to Come

When Obama was unable to get immigration laws passed through Congress, he simply spoke new laws into existence.  While that is tied up in court, he has basically commanded the DHS to stop arresting and deporting illegals.  Now, with the upcoming campaign for president just months away, there is talk of new executive orders. Fox reports Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday proposed tighter gun-control measures, including expanded background checks, and suggested that Read more […]

Tennessee Lt. Governor’s Call to Arms Twisted for Political Points

People misunderstand what we say all the time.  It is a condition that has worsened over time.  The problem is sometimes chalked up to a lack of listening and/or really reading what is written.  We have lost the art of reading comprehension in our age.  Most kids are taught not to read but to skim to get the idea of what is being related in the thing written.  And this is fine if you are reading a work of fiction for a college course, but outside of that, it deteriorates our comprehension.  Read more […]

Arkansas Reveals the Problem with Human Judges and Man’s Law

For years, we have allowed our false understandings to rule our decisions.  We have had men and women stand in our pulpits and tell us that we are to be separate from the world.  These preachers said that we should not sully ourselves with politics and such earthly concerns.  And we as good Christian left this to select people, the politician, and the judge.  And here we are on the verge of political persecution like we have never seen in this country.  But, what is worse, we have abandoned Read more […]