Finally, the Call to Dismantle the Congress has begun

With so much political turmoil in our country, there is much that we could complain about. The infuriating politicizing of every event or topic. The constant backbiting and arguing with little progress. The standing for as lapdogs or against as bulldogs of the presidential agenda. These and other things have caused many in America too long for bygone or entirely new days. With many of the presidential actions over the last several decades, we have seen a definite negation of the Congress. Presidents, Read more […]

Have We Forgotten About North Korea?

It would be hard to imagine that we could forget about the group that has threatened to destroy us and our allies. But, there has been a lot going on in our world. We have had ISIS attacks, Syrian and Iraqi migrants invading Europe, and political unrest in our own country. So, if we have failed to put the proper amount of attention on the oppressive regime in North Korea, it would be easy to understand. But I do not believe that is what has happened. With the conflict China has had with many of Read more […]

Executive Orders on Gun Laws Coming in the New Year

We must not begin to think that the Left cares one bit about the people killed in the gun violence this year. I know that we hear a lot from them on the topic, but this is no more than an attempt to use these tragedies as a means to accomplish the things that they want to get done. They wish to, as many European countries have done, relieve the citizenry of their firearms. And now, the Administration is once again seeking to do what they want by speaking law into existence. CNN Reports President Read more […]

Texas Sheriff Comes Under Fire for Cross Decals on Cars

Once again we have some wishing to interfere in affairs that have little or nothing to do with them personally. If Christians were to gather in a group and raised money to fight atheists, then they would cry foul. This would be seen as discrimination. But, if you are in the majority in this country, then you are the one in the wrong. And one Texas sheriff has discovered that it no longer matters how small your community, the Liberal eye is everywhere. Christian News reports A prominent professing Read more […]

The Taliban has survived and is Again on the Rise

One of the problems with becoming involved with another country’s problem is commitment. Just how committed are you to victory? Most of the time, there is no avoiding out staying your commitment. This, history has taught us several times. Nowhere has this lesson be taught more often and more efficiently than in Afghanistan. The British in the 19th Century, the Russians in the 20th Century and now in the 21st Century, we Americans have enrolled ourselves in this bloody school. I know the argument. Read more […]

Texas Governor Stands Against Atheist War on Christmas

The idea of a Nativity scene in the public square, especially on government property is repugnant to some Americans. They feel as though Christianity is being shoved down their throats. They feel that they should have the right to walk down the street and not have to look at these displays. But, this leads to what I have pointed out before; the Left thinks like children. And like children, they lash out at those who do not agree with them. They call names and act out to get their way. As these Read more […]

A County in Tennessee Calls on State to Defend them from Supreme Court

For many, the idea of government is one extension after another. They see government as one magistrate under a higher magistrate. This is not wholly untrue, but it can lead to some bad conclusions. Though there are levels of authority and magistrates that are placed under the authority of another, their allegiance is not to the greater magistrates. Because these lesser magistrates do not swear allegiance to the greater, their responsibility is not to them, but to something else. They are responsible Read more […]

Students in Texas Protest After Teacher is Reprimanded for Talking About God in Class

There has been this growing feeling that the next generation was without hope. They were not responsible; they had no understanding of absolutes or what it would take to run a home much less a country. But, the more young people that I meet, the more I come to think that this is not true. There are those who God is working in and through, and there seems to be just such a group in Texas. Valley Central reports More than 50 students protested Monday morning at Santa Rosa High School, saying the Read more […]

Texas Removed its Request for Restraining Order on Syrian Resettlement

It is somewhat comparable to a city or town knocking on the door and demanding that you house strangers. But, worse, you are told that you are not allowed to find out anything about them before they get there. You have no clues to their history. You know nothing about what they believe or like. You are asked to trust your officials to have placed you and your family in a safe position. And it seems all that Texas can do is take it and deal with the fallout. Fox 4 reports Texas stopped trying Read more […]

Colorado Clerk Defying FFRF Fear Tactic

We all have our choice to make when it comes to the issue of marriage. Are we going to allow the society determine our definition? Are we going to do what is right in our own eyes? For the Christian, neither of these are viable options. When we come to the issue of marriage, we must determine what is right by what God has revealed to us in His word, the Bible. Outside the Scriptures, there is only confusion and opinion. So, when a man is faced with a situation where he is trapped between the law Read more […]

Texas Community Ready to Fight for Public Park Cross

Many times, we make the fight easy. We simply give in to the atheists’ demands. It seems too hard and that the court or the Constitution is against us. It is too expensive and too time consuming. And after all, what does it really matter? It matters a lot. First, we have to remember that no matter how the courts rule, the constitution is on our side on this matter. The atheist has the right not to believe in God, but they do not have the right to stop our displays. Second and more importantly, Read more […]

Trump Accuses Obama Administration of Discriminating Against Syrian Christians

Trump is no stranger to controversy. He likes to stir things up. He does this to get media attention and to push the argument in a direction that favors him and his talking points. So, that Trump has come out and accused the president of purposely excluding Syrian Christians access to the United States is not that big a shock. Fox reports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is accusing President Barack Obama of making it easier for Muslims rather than Christians to enter the U.S. in Read more […]

Can the States Reject Syrian Refugees?

There has always been a great fear among Americans that the Muslims coming into our country might have terrorist ties. Who knows what they might think or what their motive might be for coming to America. This has not been at any time more acutely felt since 9/11 as it is today. With the attacks in Paris, Americans fear the thought of Syrian refugees entering the country. And our leaders, at least at the state level have heard the people. Fox reports Several governors say that they will not Read more […]

Student Activists Claim that Education was a Human Right

It should come as no surprise that the Left is using the youth of America to move us further and further from our moorings. Having no real life experience aside from living with their mommy, the college crowd is ripe for the picking. If the Left is going to continue to remake our country into a socialist “Utopia,” they will need useful idiots. And they seem to have an endless supply on our college campuses. The best tactic the Left has used in recent is the “Human Rights” struggle. Any and everyone Read more […]