Lawmakers on both side of the Aisle Warn that Delay on Iranian Sanctions Bad Decision

It has been one of the things that the critics of the administration have said more than any other. The constant delaying in taking action by the President. The seeming indecision in the face of a crisis that has plagued Obama and his staff throughout both terms of his presidency has been a target for those opposed to his policies. And once again, we see this ugly trait raise its head. The Washington Times reports The White House has delayed a decision on whether to impose sanctions on Iranian Read more […]

1200 Americans Training their Foreign Replacements

In a country as large and industrious as ours, there is almost a constant need for us to bring in immigrants. This has become even more important in light of our people’s lack of childbearing over the past decade. As we are raising fewer Americans each generation, we have to fill the void as the last generation leaves the workforce. And one of the ways that we have begun to fill these jobs is through the H-1B Visa. explains The US H1-B visa is designed to be used for staff in specialty Read more […]

States are Reconsidering Renewable Energy as Tax-Payers Pay for Energy Twice

The global warming wheels continue to come off the proverbial cart.  With temps holding steady in almost all regions over ten years.  And no polar cap melting since they began measuring in the late-70’s.  There have been many waking to the possibility that even if there has been warming, we are not likely as responsible as we first thought.  Now, with the predictable outcome that renewables are not self-sufficient, many states are rethinking their policies. The Washington Times reports A Read more […]

The Eco-Nazis at the EPA Granted More Power by Obama

While many in America on both sides of the aisle have expressed concern over the overreach of Obama’s executive orders, few have said a word concerning all the regulatory power given out by him.  When a president grants an agency regulatory power, they are granting power to make law.  So when the president continues to grant the EPA more oversight, he is giving them more and more power.  And it has happened again. The Washington Times reports  The Obama administration declared Wednesday Read more […]

EPA Four Year Report Could not Find Any Danger in Fracking for Drinking Water

It is always a difficult process to endure when you are being studied.  Especially when the person doing the study wishes to shut you down.  It is not that they take their job serious or consider it important to do a good job, they want to stop you because they think you are evil.  Well, this was the atmosphere for the fracking industry.  But, at least for now, they should be able to breath a little easier. The National Review reports  the report — which took four years and likely cost Read more […]

While the Hackers Steal God Knows What, No One Does Anything

No one wants to be caught not doing their job.  And no one wants to be linked to the biggest data theft in history.  But, we are where we are, and it is what it is, now they must fix the problem.  We are having our bureaucratic buts handed to us, and our officials are talking about what we are going to do in a year.  All the while China steals personal information on nearly every federal employee. The Washington Times reports Hackers broke into the federal government’s human-resources agency Read more […]

Obama’s Plan to Save Unendangered Birds Likely to Destroy Western Economies

The Eco-Nazis have been gaining power over the past several decades.  Politically, there is virtually no way that Democrats can ignore their pull and money.  This has been translating into more and more restrictions on what and where industry can produce.  As a consequence, we have a very sluggish and dying industrial sector, and we have been dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs.  Now, just as we have begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel on our energy dependence, Obama Read more […]

Would This Senate Bill Help China Steal US Technology?

Conservatives are outraged over a bipartisan patent reform bill introduced in the Senate Wednesday, saying it will stifle innovation and make it easier for China to steal technology. “The Senate patent legislation introduced today is nothing more than another crony kickback for Google, Obama’s second largest political donor, advancing the interests of China and rival economies at the expense American innovation,” said Erik Telford, president of the Franklin Center, in a statement. Telford and Read more […]