Armed Robber Killed by Licensed Gun Owner in Chicago

There has been much made about the right to own and carry a gun. And as things seem to be getting worse for law-abiding citizens the more restrictions are placed on gun ownership, there seems to be more evidence that gun restrictions do not stop criminals. Now, there has been a rash of incidence where gun-owners have stopped crimes from happening. The latest occurred in Chicago. Fox reports A masked man, later identified as 55-year-old Reginald Gildersleeve, walked into the store and currency exchange Read more […]

Was Fatal Shooting in Detroit Church a Love Triangle?

For the last five years, there has been a rise in the number of congregants who have felt that there was a real need for them to arm themselves during Sunday services.  Whether it was the rash of attacks against the different houses of worship across the country, the bomb attacks lately or the Charleston church shooting.  Many have felt safer having the ability to defend themselves if the need arose.  But, the case in Detroit might go beyond what most would have had in mind. Fox2 Detroit reports Authorities Read more […]

75 Year old Vet places Himself Between Knife-man and Kids

Well, it has been the illustration of choice for 2nd Amendment advocates for years, but especially lately.  If all guns were banned, then a murderer will just use something else.  A knife, a bat, or rock; anything that can kill will do when murder is in one’s heart.  Now, there is an actual event to point to as backup to this reality. Fox reports A former Army vet is recovering from stab wounds after putting himself between 16 terrified children and a knife-wielding teen determined to kill Read more […]

Has the Refugee Crisis in Europe Forced Turkey to Consider War with Syria?

The thought of Turkish troops driving across the border into Syria should be a scary one.  They would have to confront several combatants.  There would likely be a very high death toll, and the suffering there would only increase as both ISIS and the Syrian Army would be forced to confront the invader.  There would also be the political fallout.  But there is little doubt that the Syrian refugee crisis is pushing Turkey to the brink. Breitbart reports Hundreds of mainly Syrian migrants are Read more […]

Liam Neeson Guilty of Hypocrisy Concerning Gun Control

We should not be shocked when we hear liberals contradict themselves. It has literally become a common occurrence. Al Gore engaging in global warming efforts while having a bigger carbon footprint than Cleveland, Ohio. Obama standing against tobacco while enjoying a smoke on the White House balcony. Insert any liberal politician or actor and their hatred of the wealthy while they are millionaires. However, it seems excessively hypocritical for a man who has made his living, “Killin’ because it Read more […]

Black Senator and Mayor Say Berkeley Shooting Justified

It has happened again in Missouri. The fourth young black man has lost his life at the hands of a white police officer. This year has been a bad year for the police in the St. Louis area. It comes on the heals of three murders since the world spot light was placed on the area by the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. The Berkeley shooting of 18-year-old Antonio Martin took place Tuesday afternoon. The yet unnamed officer is a 34-year-old veteran of the force. He was in the process of investigating Read more […]

Study Shows Flaw In Science To Fix Us

It is no surprise, at least to those who have any interest in what is going on in our country that there are those who wish to refuse firearms ownership to anyone for any reason. It also should not surprise us that our government jumps on any pseudo-science, and it’s supposed findings. There have been some in psychiatric circles who are saying that there is a connection between mental illness and lone terror attacks. Really? You had to have a study to determine that there is a connection in Read more […]

Why Do We Continue To Negotiate With Terrorist?

It boggles the mind that our leaders continue to validate such terrorist organizations as Hamas. We continue to meet and deal with people who blowup women and children. Unfortunately, this is not a one party problem. Republican administrations are just as guilty of negotiations with terrorists. And it will happen again in London on Tuesday. Today, Secretary of State, John Kerry will meet with Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu in Rome. The topic of their meeting is set to be a U.N. resolution, backed Read more […]

Is The CIA Report An Attempt To Make Self-Defense Illegal?

There has been a lot of noises made concerning the recently released report on CIA interrogation methods. It has been reported that there was no intelligence gained, which stopped any terrorist attack. It also has been reported that the people accused of plotting or perpetrating attacks against America were mistreated. Tortured for information, which was either not obtained or was of no tactical or military use. Let me state that I am not an advocate of torture, of anyone. It has been proven to Read more […]

Arm Yourself, The Police Can’t Protect You

There are many things to learn about what is taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, but one lesson is not being discussed very much. When it comes to riots fanned by the flaming rhetoric of race hustlers, guilt manipulators, and liberal apologists, when the excrement hits the fan, you and I are on our own. If there is a national breakdown in the electrical grid, and we are unable to get timely food deliveries to local grocery stores, we are on our own. No one is going to come and rescue us. Adopt Read more […]