Virginia Bill Would Require Students To Use Bathroom Of Their ‘Anatomical Sex’

Lawmakers in Virginia have proposed a new bill that would mandate all public school students use a bathroom and locker room in line with their “anatomical sex” rather than their chosen gender identity. The bill, proposed by Republican Delegate Mark Cole, would levy a fine of $50 against anybody who knowingly violates the new rule which is intended to counter ongoing efforts to let transgender students use whatever bathroom they like. According to The Washington Post, Cole described the law Read more […]

Cruz’s Birther Debate May Soon have its Day in Court

Ted Cruz, the recently surging presidential candidate, has faced the question of eligibility almost from the moment he declared his intention to run. It is nothing new for the question to be raised. It is also nothing that we have not seen in politics before. Obama continues to have a shadow of doubt over his eligibility. But, the question remains, can Ted Cruz legally take the office of President of these United States? One would think that this is something that would have been put to bed by Read more […]

In Honor of Obama’s LAST State of the Union Speech – Here’s 140 Broken Promises from all of His SOTU Speeches

In honor of President Obama’s FINAL State of the Union speech, the fine folks at have happily collected 140 different broken promises from the President’s 8 different SOTU speeches. It’s an amazing compilation that proves the inadequacy of Obama as a politician and the failure of Obama as a president. Today, the nation is poorer, less safe, more troubled and much more deeply divided than the day that Obama entered the Oval Office. In the end, Obama’s true legacy is all about lies Read more […]

Duck Dynasty Star Endorses Ted Cruz for President!

Pop culture icon and patriarch of the Robertson family from TV’s Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson has just announced who he’s supporting for the next Commander-in-Chief, and it’s sure to stir up some conversation and debate. On Wednesday, the Ted Cruz campaign announced that Phil Robertson had decided to endorse Cruz for President. From the Cruz Campaign: “My qualifications for President of the United States are rather narrow: Is he or she Godly, does he or she love us, can he or she Read more […]

Latest Jeb Bush Attack on Donald Trump is Just Sad

Jeb Bush’s latest campaign ad hits Donald Trump hard for being “a jerk.” Now, to be fair with Bush, he’s not wrong. The things he attacks Trump for in the ad are true, and they are valid reasons to reconsider supporting Donald Trump. However, when Jeb Bush complains about them, the attacks ring hollow. “I’ve got to get this off my chest — Donald Trump is a jerk… I believe life is precious. I believe life is truly a gift from God [and] we’re all equal under God’s watchful Read more […]

Trump On Nikki Haley’s SOTU Response: I Am Angry

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said in the debate Thursday South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was right in calling him an angry voice during her GOP response to the president’s State of the Union address Tuesday. The way the country is run is horrible and he “will gladly accept the mantle of anger,” Trump said, responding to a question from Fox Business moderator Maria Bartiromo regarding Haley’s swipe at Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants. “Yes, I am angry,” Read more […]

Appeals Court Upholds Violation of Religious Freedom

One would think that as a business owner you would have the liberty not to work for anyone that you choose. But, based on the hard fought rights of blacks during the Civil Rights movement, the sodomite now has the right to make someone do almost anything. This is being seen once again in New York. Christian News reports Robert and Cynthia Gifford, who are Roman Catholics, own Liberty Ridge Farms in Schaghticoke, a 50-acre facility that hosts a number of family-friendly attractions. In 2012, Jennie Read more […]

The Latest Iowa Poll is Nothing but Good News for Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has become the central focus of attack from both his “friends” and his foes in recent days. What did Cruz do to earn the ire of (seemingly) all those around him? He surged in November and December, moving solidly into 2nd in the polls and began competing directly with Donald Trump in many of the important early primary states. The 2nd tier of candidates worry that Cruz’s momentum could be a deadlier blow to their candidacy than Trump’s dominance. They reason that if Read more […]

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) Declares War on Donald Trump!

Wow. Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) just fired some shots across Donald Trump’s bow, and I don’t think he or his fans are going to be very happy about it. Governor Haley was supposed to be delivering the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, but it may have been Trump who was hardest hit by her commentary. While Governor Haley did knock Obama down a few pegs, she focused her strongest language on the GOP presidential frontrunner. Some in the GOP immediately wondered Read more […]

Migrants have Opposite Effects than What Left Predicted

Europe has been hopelessly liberal for years. And with the influx of different people from different cultures, the Leftists thought that they would see the Utopian Multicultural dream they had longed for so long. Many expected an era where people from across Europe and the world would work, live, and prosper. Where the East and West would finally shake hands as both sides set their culture, history, religion, and interests down and live in peace with one another. As you know, this has not happened. Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

It was only a matter of time before the largest abortion provider would fight back. They, for whatever reason, had taken little action to stave off the public attacks leveled against them. The attacks had come as videos were released, showing employees seeking to sell baby parts. It may be that the abortion giant was waiting on the fallout, before attempting to fight back. It might have sensed that popular opinion was against them. It is just as likely that Planned Parenthood wanted to ensure Read more […]

Total Cost of Bernie Sanders’ Ideas: $18 TRILLION in New Spending!

Holy. Cow. I sat in stunned silence for several minutes after reading through Laura Meckler’s stunning analysis of Bernie Sanders’ many promised spending increases. A few months ago, I would have told you that Sanders’ nomination as the Democrat Party candidate was next to impossible… today, I’m not so sure. And that scares me. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a self-proclaimed socialist who makes no bones about his outrageous fiscal policy plans and proposals. In fact, unlike most other Read more […]

Chris Christie Refuses to Say He ‘Stands with the NRA’

  So, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) sat down with CBS’ John Dickerson over the weekend when Dickerson pushed on the one issue that Christie was most hoping to avoid. Guns. Dickerson found Christie’s weak point and pressed, causing the Governor some discomfort. When Dickerson wondered why Christie had distanced himself from the NRA and 2nd Amendment supporting Americans, Christie demurred. “I’ve learned about this over time. In New Jersey, I have grown up in a culture Read more […]

Ted Cruz Explains Why He is Constitutionally Eligible to be President

Some of my friends and colleagues have recently argued that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is not eligible for the Presidency because in their estimation he is NOT a “natural born citizen.” I’ve discussed, debated and argued over the topic for years now (about Cruz recently, but also about McCain, Obama and Romney, who all have dubious family/birth stories in the past) and I have honestly grown weary of it. The simple truth is that our Founders did NOT define “natural born citizen” within the Read more […]