California Will Have Legal Power to Take Firearms Without Hearing from Owner

Many have advocated some sort of gun law or change in legislation that would stop the mass shootings that have become common place in our country. They have said that there should be a way that the state could intervene in some of these cases. This intervention would be lifesaving to the victims. California feels that it has the answer. Breitbart reports Beginning January 1, police in California may confiscate firearms from gun owners thought to be a danger to themselves or others without giving Read more […]

Five Hispanic Teens take Part in Gang Rape

When you tell people that our society glorifies sex and power, they look at you like you have another head growing out of your neck. They look this way because they like what they watch on television. They like going to the movies. They love their music. These things cannot be bad, can they? I do not want you to think that I am anti any of these things. I watch T.V., go to movies, and listen to music. I am also not one that thinks that these things are ultimately responsible for our actions or Read more […]

IS Brussels Next?

With just over a week having passed since the horrific attacks on Paris by Islamists, there is a realization that this is likely not the end but the beginning. French police having raided several suspected safe houses resulting in the deaths of the ringleader and two others. But, with other suspects still on the loose and possibly in Belgium, Brussels is preparing for the worse. Reuters reports Belgium put the capital Brussels on maximum security alert on Saturday, shutting the metro and warning Read more […]

Common Core Is Surprisingly Invisible In The GOP Race

The 2016 Republican presidential race has been extremely unpredictable thus far, not only in terms of its leading candidates but also in terms of what issues it has revolved around. Common Core, which was predicted to be a critical issue in the 2016 race, has instead proved an afterthought. The press speculated it could cause a Republican civil war, and some candidates shared that view. Even if most Republican candidates were united against it, activists have been willing to grade candidates based Read more […]

Kentucky Police Fatally Shoot Alleged Cop-Killer

A Missouri man who allegedly fatally shot a police officer after fleeing a traffic stop has been killed by police. Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks of St. Louis allegedly fatally shot Kentucky Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder Sunday, and was fatally shot by police Monday. Johnson-Shanks allegedly ran from the officer during a traffic stop. Police say Johnson-Shanks took off in his car and Ponder chased him. Johnson-Shanks then slammed on his brakes causing Ponder to rear end him. That’s when Read more […]

Police Union Boycotts Obama’s Speech

When you are seeking to destroy all the institutions of a nation, you are bound to burn a bridge or two.  There is no way around angering someone that supported your rise to power.  When your stated goal is to fundamentally change America, those who safe guard America necessarily will be in your crosshairs.  And there are some police that have taken notice of the president’s callous attitude toward the recent police deaths in America. The Breitbart reports The New England Police Benevolent Read more […]

Six Christians Assaulted with Comet, but No One Seems to Care

America is supposed to be a place where everyone is protected by the same rights.  People have the right to speak out when they think that there is an injustice.  These people, no matter what they are protesting or speaking against, are afforded the protection of the law.  It is their right to voice their dislike of something.  We should all expect the freedom to say what we want about any subject and that right not be infringed either physically or through censorship.  And you would think that Read more […]

Has the Race War Begun in Texas?

Over the past several decades, we have faced the prospect that men of different colors and cultures would find it more beneficial to war with one another in this country than to live together.  Ultimately, we know that this is a foolish concept, but one that many have promoted. Some have even sought to ignite the fire of race war in our time. There were the horrific acts of murder perpetrated by those following Charlie Manson.  He thought that if the right people were murdered and the blacks Read more […]

The Obama Administration in Tough Spot on Immigration after Judges Ruling

Many conservatives feel as though the administration would allow any and all people into this country.  They have taken the side of illegal advocates on almost every issue.  Under Obama, we have seen a growing number of catch and release incidents.  Many times these releases are leading to further acts of crimes committed by these illegals.  But, now it has been ruled that the administration is not releasing mother and child fast enough. The Washington Times reports The Obama administration Read more […]

Police Point Finger at DC Police Chief as Murder Numbers Rise in DC

The mayor and police chief of Washington, D.C., have offered up various excuses for the city’s ballooning murder numbers, ranging from synthetic drugs to high caliber weapons, but critics from within the police department say its much simpler than that. Police officer representatives from the D.C. Police Union say the city needs to focus on effective policing, not feel good tactics. In January, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier disbanded all of the police department’s vice Read more […]

Memphis Police Association President says “All Lives Matter” after Officer is Killed

After the murder of a police officer in Memphis during a routine traffic stop, the police community responded by decrying violence in the community. The President of the Memphis Police Association even made the point that we should be saying that “All Lives Matter,” which is sure to rile up the liberal activists. This Tuesday at 3:00, we’re asking citizens, city employees, clergy, politicians, to assemble in front of city hall and we to want have a peace and unity prayer. No agendas, no speeches, Read more […]

Michigan Law Enforcement Endorses Legislation to put a Stop to Policing for Profit

The Michigan Association of Police Organizations has endorsed a series of civil asset forfeiture reform bills that have been met with hostility in other states, a good sign the bills have a chance of becoming law and reforming the highly criticized practiced. A package of eight bills were passed by the Michigan House earlier this year to reform civil asset forfeiture, the process by which police can seize someone’s property and keep it even if they don’t convict or charge you with Read more […]

L.A. Passes Ban on High Capacity Magazines ownership

I have always said that there is more to the gun-control movement than meets the eye.  There had to be, as they continually present laws that have nothing to do with the problem.  Most of the people killed by firearms are accidental deaths.  These are best reduced through gun safety programs rather than restrictions.  The remaining deaths are criminal acts.  This would then argue that those who are committing these murders will do so with or without legally obtained firearms.  But once again, Read more […]

Gun Control, Obama’s Biggest Frustration

There are very few things that Barack Obama will be able to say that he wishes he could have gotten done as President.  Much of his Progressive agenda was accomplished, but there is one thing that he was unable to do; gun control.  Obama wishes he could have been able to pass stricter laws on gun owners. The Washington Times reports President Obama has drawn clear linkages between criminal justice reform and gun control, but the two remain worlds apart on Capitol Hill. In an interview with Read more […]