Hillary Ordered Staffers to Break Law with Classified Documents

This long drawn out process of checking Hillary’s emails continues. It seems to be the most divisive of topics. Those on the Left herald her as a hero and those on the Right as a crook. I have reported that at the very least she has been guilty of bad judgement and that most likely she has broken the law. And now it seems that there is a smoking gun to prove this is the case. Breitbart reports The latest Hillary Clinton document dump occurred in the wee hours of Friday morning, and contains what Read more […]

Seattle takes Lead from Chicago on Gun Violence

It is hard to imagine a more violent place than Chicago, Illinois. The death rate there is astronomical, and they are clearly the murder capital of America, according to the Daily Beast. You would be hard pressed to point to Chicago as a reason to have stricter gun laws. Chicago is the capital of modern liberal politics. There are few, if any, cities with stricter gun laws. Despite this, the City of Seattle, Washington has borrowed from Chicago to deal with their own rising gun violence. Fox reports A Read more […]

The Left’s Double Standard on Display in Political Meeting on School Property

The use of taxpayer’s property has been one of contention over the past several decades. With our country moving more and more toward secularism and the drop in Christianity, many have opposed the use of schools and other public buildings for what is considered religious activities. But, these same people have no problem using these same facilities for political reasons. Watchdog reported A Rutherford County School Board member might be breaking state law if he goes through with a meeting scheduled Read more […]

Is the Senate’s Repeal Bill Smoke and Mirrors for the Voter?

It is hard to tell anymore. When we see our political system at work, what is real and what is gamesmanship? What is meant to pass and what is set up for the benefit of public opinion? If they try and fail can we blame them? These are the questions that we face with the Senate’s passage of the “Repeal Bill.” Breitbart reports: The U.S. Senate approved a bill Thursday that would strip Obamacare of key tax-raising features and would also eliminate taxpayer-funding of abortion businesses, including Read more […]

Conservative Congressmen Demand Justice Department Investigation of Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday conservative Republicans in Washington delivered a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding that she appoint a Special Counsel to oversee an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State. Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) hand-delivered the letter signed by 43 concerned representatives and then said in a statement that: Secretary Clinton is not above the rule of law. It is critically important that this investigation Read more […]

Obama Says He and McDonald are not Satisfied, But they Paid Millions in VA Bonuses

One of the things that made America great was the persistent and unfailing understanding that you only received what you had earned. There was no such thing as a free lunch. No one expected to receive anything without hard work, and no one was giving handouts. But, this has all changed. We now live in a nation where people who run million dollar companies into the ground receive “golden parachute” severance packages. Executives who are not seeing things get better, but are not seeing them get Read more […]

Federal Court Once again Reminds Us that there are No State-Rights

For many years, there has been this idea that the states have been bribed into giving away the rights that are naturally theirs. The powers not delineated in the Constitution explicitly belong to the states. Yet, the states have been handing these rights over to the Federal Government in order to continue the flow of Federal money. Road and education funding has been the hook the Feds have used to control the states. But that day is coming to an end. The powerful central government in Washington Read more […]

Leftist DOJ Finds no Evidence of Wrongdoing in IRS Targeting

I have seen my share of “good ole’ boy” backscratching.  It is frowned upon by most people.  It has this air of giving someone something that they have not earned or allowing them to get away with something that they should not have done.  And, it is something that has always been a part of the American legal system. So, whether you are let off a speeding ticket because the state trooper was a frat brother of your dad, or it is political favors from the U.S. Department of Justice, this Read more […]

Abortionist Caught with Human Tissue in Trunk

We are often faced with moral dilemmas, especially when it comes to the acquiring of money.  Many of us face being honest on tax returns to beef up our returns.  Having honest weights and balances.  Thinking that those who have money can afford to pay more than others.  But, there are somethings that just boggle the mind. Christian News reports Police in Michigan raided the home of a Detroit area abortionist this week after finding 14 containers of “human tissue” in his trunk, raising Read more […]

EPA Administrator Rips Taxpayers for Thousands in Travel Costs

With eco-alarmists screaming that the sky is falling, and the oceans are rising, one would think that the agency established to safeguard against environmental abuse would be the first to cut out unnecessary travel.  Those guarding us against total environmental meltdown should be the most careful.  Yet, we are finding that they are the worst of hypocrites.  Not only are they dumping toxic waste into the Colorado River, now they are jet-setting. The Fox reports An Environmental Protection Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Knew About Sales of Body Parts

Many have pretended that there is no profit being made by the sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood.  They have tried to make people believe that what they are seeing is heavily edited and shopped versions.  But, this is becoming harder and harder to spin as more and more videos are being released that show us the contrary.  And the latest is no different. Christian New reports  The latest video expose’ released by the Center for Medical Progress shows representatives of the abortion Read more […]

Obama Threatens Veto and Shut Down if Congress does not Open Your Pocketbook to His Socialist Policies

People do not like to admit the fact most of our tax monies go to propping up socialist/big government programs.  Social Security, welfare, unemployment, public education and government housing are all socialistic programs.  Programs that would be better and more successful in private hands, but have been handed over to the State to force our compliance to give into what it deems right.  And now, to further this spend crazy progressive policy, our president is once again setting up his dupes on Read more […]

Many Supposed Independent Unions Supporters in Missouri found to Have Union Ties

Many have grown up with a view of organized labor.  We receive this view from where we were born and raised and what our father’s job was.  This deeply entrenched conviction is difficult to shake.  This is especially hard when many organizations are spending thousands to push labor’s agenda.  In Missouri, there seems to be many grassroots organizations fighting to keep organized labor entrenched in the state.  but are they what what they seem? Watchdog reports To keep state lawmakers from Read more […]

Fresno State’s New Program to Encourage Illegals to Attend there

While much of the country is trying to figure out how to fix the immigration crisis, Fresno State is seeking to operate as if there is no problem at all.  That’s right.  As the political right has been searching for a way to keep out the criminal and allow in those who are genuinely seeking a better life, the University is seeking to make it easier to attend their classes if you are here criminally. Breitbart reports Fresno State is launching a new program to make it easier for illegal immigrants Read more […]