In Honor of Obama’s LAST State of the Union Speech – Here’s 140 Broken Promises from all of His SOTU Speeches

In honor of President Obama’s FINAL State of the Union speech, the fine folks at have happily collected 140 different broken promises from the President’s 8 different SOTU speeches. It’s an amazing compilation that proves the inadequacy of Obama as a politician and the failure of Obama as a president. Today, the nation is poorer, less safe, more troubled and much more deeply divided than the day that Obama entered the Oval Office. In the end, Obama’s true legacy is all about lies Read more […]

Migrants have Opposite Effects than What Left Predicted

Europe has been hopelessly liberal for years. And with the influx of different people from different cultures, the Leftists thought that they would see the Utopian Multicultural dream they had longed for so long. Many expected an era where people from across Europe and the world would work, live, and prosper. Where the East and West would finally shake hands as both sides set their culture, history, religion, and interests down and live in peace with one another. As you know, this has not happened. Read more […]

Judge tells Fox News that Ted Cruz is a “Natural Born Citizen”

Libertarian TV personality and Constitutional scholar (and defender) Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News earlier this week to discuss the “natural born citizen” issue in regards to Ted Cruz’s candidacy for president. It is well-settled, established by the Congress for a hundred years. A human being born in another country, with one parent who is a U.S. citizen, who lived in this country for at least one year during the parent’s life. That is exactly Ted Cruz’s situation. His Read more […]

Atheist Dawkins is Finding that He May has Proved too much

We all can be guilty of shortsighted actions. It has, I am sure, happened to the best and brightest. We think that we know what is the best for all, and acting find that we have made things worse. This is the situation for famed Atheist, Richard Dawkins. Breitbart reports In a text that is coursing about on social media, professional God-slayer Richard Dawkins begrudgingly admitted that Christianity may actually be our best defense against aberrant forms of religion that threaten the world. “There Read more […]

Finally, the Call to Dismantle the Congress has begun

With so much political turmoil in our country, there is much that we could complain about. The infuriating politicizing of every event or topic. The constant backbiting and arguing with little progress. The standing for as lapdogs or against as bulldogs of the presidential agenda. These and other things have caused many in America too long for bygone or entirely new days. With many of the presidential actions over the last several decades, we have seen a definite negation of the Congress. Presidents, Read more […]

Migrant Islamic Rape Gangs Attack German Women on New Year’s Eve

There is a long history of Muslims using rape as a weapon. It is not unusual for Muslim men to mistreat women who are not Islamic. This raping of the women is a point of shame to the men and in their minds makes the women useless to their enemies. Though this is a well-documented practice, the Left have long sought to cover up or outright deny the truth. And even as the rise of Islamic rape gangs have followed the migration of Muslims, the left has been silent. Now, with the large influx of Muslim Read more […]

Iran Reveals Another Reason the Obama Administration’s Nuke Deal was a Pig in a Poke

I know people who absolutely hate surprises. When they do not know what they are getting into, they would rather just walk away. If they feel that they are dealing with others they cannot trust, no matter the potential upside, they want no part of it. And that is exactly what should have happened with Iran. The Washington Times reports Iran’s leaders on Tuesday revealed the existence of a previously undisclosed weapons bunker stocked with ballistic missiles, adding to President Obama’s diplomatic Read more […]

Turkish President Denies he was Using Hitler’s Germany as a good Example

It is a frustrating thing when others hear what we say but apparently misconstrued your meaning. Especially frustrating are the comments made in a public setting. There are times when we say things that can be taken as the opposite meaning. The reason for this is that when we go off script, it can sound right in our heads, but come out completely wrong. The Turkish presidency is claiming this to be the case. Breitbart reports Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who is pushing for executive powers, Read more […]

Black Philosophy Professor Calls for White Americans to Recognize the Racist Poison Inside them All

There is nothing wrong with seeking to understand a problem or situation thoroughly. To take and examine a situation and draw logical conclusions is a part of human nature. But, to over analyze things can be dangerous. And if we draw logical but incorrect conclusions from our sustained thinking, there can be dire consequences. This happened to a group of people in the early part of the last century. After years of being told that they as a people were physically and mentally superior to their Read more […]

No Christmas in Venezuela

Some still believe that there are good versions of socialism. People who have had little real experience with life. Actors, certain politicians, and the uber-rich, have come to these conclusions free of the pesky problem of experience. Having to produce for yourself rather than have things handed to you makes you appreciate how wealth is created. The problem is that those who want the government to pay for everything live off of the capital that only free market capitalism can produce. But, if Read more […]

The Taliban has survived and is Again on the Rise

One of the problems with becoming involved with another country’s problem is commitment. Just how committed are you to victory? Most of the time, there is no avoiding out staying your commitment. This, history has taught us several times. Nowhere has this lesson be taught more often and more efficiently than in Afghanistan. The British in the 19th Century, the Russians in the 20th Century and now in the 21st Century, we Americans have enrolled ourselves in this bloody school. I know the argument. Read more […]

5 Easy Steps to Blessing a Military Family this Christmas

By Michael and Carlie Kercheval This Christmas there are some very real ways that you can get involved to bless the military families around you. Michael and Carlie Kercheval from have some good advice on how you can help during the holidays. from The holiday season is one that can be especially difficult for military families. From the absence of a deployed spouse to the first holiday away from family and friends, the most wonderful time of the year can be Read more […]

Did a Blacksmith Just Prove 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Wrong in Under 3 Minutes

In the decade and a half since the 9/11 tragedy we’ve heard many conspiracy theories bandied about on the Internet and in the mainstream media. The most prevalent among them is the one that argues that “jet fuel” doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. It’s true, but as one blacksmith recently explained, that doesn’t really matter. While the jet fuel doesn’t actually melt the steel it does heat it to a hot enough temperature to destroy the structural integrity of the steel – proving Read more […]

Obama Compares Slaves to Syrian Refugees

I have said on many occasions that politicians use the collateral of past pain to wedge out an opponent. Obama is a master at taking emotional equity and guilt to push people in the philosophical direction he wishes them to go. This shameless practice is employed by those who have no merit in their own argument. In other words, their idea will not hold water. There is no real “reason” on what they want to do if laid out by itself. No one would go for the proposed change in question unless there Read more […]