Texas playing Hardball with Planned Parenthood

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again. This old moto is one that has been used for over a century to encourage children, especially those seeking to better themselves not to give up on their dreams. This may well be the moto taken up by the state of Texas. As I reported, Texas lost its case against Planned Parenthood. The state had attempted to defund the abortion agency of Medicaid funding. But, a federal judge said that the state was not allowed to break the contract. Governor Abbott Read more […]

Maryland Dairy Farmers Take On IRS To Get Their Money Back

A pair of humble Maryland dairy farmers are taking on the IRS, and now some members of Congress have joined the fight. Members of the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee sent a letter Wednesday to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew calling on the IRS to give back money the agency wrongly seized from two Maryland dairy farmers. The IRS forfeited, or took ownership of, Randy and Karen Sowers’ $29,500 based on highly criticized structuring laws. These laws make it a crime to make multiple Read more […]

EPA Contractor Behind Colorado Mine Spill Got $381 Million From Taxpayers

The Environmental Protection Agency may have been trying to hide the identity of the contracting company responsible for causing a major wastewater spill in southern Colorado, but the Wall Street Journal has revealed the company’s identity. Environmental Restoration (ER) LLC, a Missouri-based firm, was the “contractor whose work caused a mine spill in Colorado that released an estimated 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into a major river system,” the WSJ was told by a source familiar Read more […]

Pentagon Says Live Anthrax Shipments Went On For Over A DECADE

The Army bioterror facility in Utah which accidentally shipped out live samples of Anthrax earlier this year has been wracked with problems stemming back over a decade, according to a new Pentagon report. Defense Secretary Ash Carter became aware of the incident back in May after a commercial Maryland lab alerted authorities that it received live bacteria. Immediately following the incident, he ordered a series of investigations and the monitoring of 21 people exposed to the spores. The Pentagon released Read more […]

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear NC Abortion Law Case

The same people who think that a parent has no right to know that their unborn grandchild is scheduled to be chopped into little pieces, also thinks that a mother has no right to know she is about to kill a person. Several years ago, NC’s legislature voted in a law that placed several requirements on the abortionist. Christian News explains [L]awmakers in North Carolina passed the Women’s Right to Know Act in 2011, which required women to obtain an ultrasound prior to an abortion, and that Read more […]

The “What’s Next” of Homosexuality and Transsexuality is here, and it is Worse than You Thought

With all the new isms and sexual variances popping up in our society, clamoring to be heard and given special rights, we have focused solely on the sexual sin and the direction that things could move.  Many have been warning that the Homosexual rights movement was not the end.  Many have been saying that bestiality and multi-couples were just over the horizon.  The fear being that if the people of the same sex can marry, then why can’t a man marry his dog?  What is wrong with four people marrying Read more […]

School System Votes to Teach Students to Determine What Gender They Are

Hitler stated, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”  The premise is simple, the one who is allowed to mold and shape the thinking of the children of a given society, will rule that society in the future.  It will be the ideas planted in the minds of children that will rule the day.  This lesson, though taught to us many times through the twentieth century, has been ignored or forgotten.  This lesson is soon to be taught us again. Fox reports One of the nation’s largest Read more […]

Mississippi Seeks Court Appeal that Could Close Last Abortion Clinic in State

In what can only be seen as legislating from the bench, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the law in Mississippi requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges was unconstitutional. This meant that the one lone clinic killing the unborn will be allowed to remain open, even without the ability to admit woman who has complications. Yet, the fight is not over. Christiannews.net reports: Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, Read more […]

California Pushes to End Vaccine Exemptions amid Measles Outbreak

As the state is being rocked by its biggest measles outbreak in over a decade, lawmakers in California are looking to eliminate the state’s vaccine exemption. “We shouldn’t wait for more children to sicken or die before we act,” state Sen. Richard Pan, who is also a pediatrician, said at a news conference on Wednesday. “Parents are letting us know our current laws are insufficient to protect their kids.” Current California law requires students in public schools to be vaccinated against Read more […]