Stanford Prof. Deletes Data From Study Showing Green Energy Will Kill Jobs

A Stanford professor is deflecting criticism after allegedly deleting data from a year-old study in order to avoid inadvertently showing how green energy will kill millions of long-term jobs. Prof. Mark Jacobson rebuked criticisms brought by Steve Everley of Energy In Depth, an oil industry-backed education project, that the Stanford study showed that using 100 percent green energy would result in 1.2 million jobs being eliminated from the economy. Jacobson said Everley’s claim was a “flat Read more […]

SOTU: Obama Touts Low Gas Prices, Then Promises To Make Energy More Expensive

After President Barack Obama touted record-low gasoline prices during his tenure in his State of the Union address Tuesday, he quickly promised to make energy more expensive for Americans by making oil and coal “reflect the costs” of global warming. “Now we’ve got to accelerate the transition away from dirty energy,” Obama said. “Rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future – especially in communities that rely on fossil fuels.” “That’s why I’m going Read more […]

Obama: Combating Climate Change is Going to Save the West from ISIS

There are times when we hear people say things, and we wonder where they get such nonsense from. How could they draw the conclusion that they have on the subject? It is almost as if these people are stupid, or they think that their audience is stupid. I will let you decide which is the case. CNN reports: Combating climate change will prove to be a rebuttal of terrorist efforts, President Barack Obamadeclared at the opening of a major climate summit in Paris. “What greater rejection Read more […]

EPA Regulations To Cause Double-Digit Electricity Price Increases In Nearly Every State

People should enjoy the relatively low electricity prices while they can this Thanksgiving season, because nearly every state could see double-digit increases in electricity rates due to federal regulations forcing coal plants to retire, according to two separate studies. Two new studies by Energy Ventures Analysis and NERA Economic Consulting claim the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan will raise electricity prices in every state it covers, with nearly all of them seeing prices Read more […]

Obama Puts An End To Arctic Drilling

The Obama administration has canceled all Arctic drilling lease sales for the next couple of years just weeks after Royal Dutch Shell abandoned its oil exploration efforts in the polar seas. Just as millions of Americans were heading home for the weekend, the Interior Department announced Friday it was canceling Arctic lease sales due to “current market conditions and low industry interest.” Basically, the department is arguing that oil prices are too low for companies to justify drilling Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Finally Takes a Stand on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Hillary Clinton has been reticent to share her personal views on many different subject but she’s finally revealed one that has been on the minds of many for quite some time. Earlier this week, Hillary announced that she was opposed construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline surprising no one who understand that she desperately needs liberal environmentalists supporting her if she hopes to win the upcoming primary and election. “I think it is imperative that we look at the Keystone Pipeline as Read more […]

The Real Winner Of Obama’s ‘War On Coal’: George Soros

The real winner of President Barack Obama’s so-called “war on coal” isn’t the Environmental Protection Agency, nor is it the natural gas industry. It’s liberal billionaire George Soros. Last week, Obama’s EPA announced sweeping regulations for U.S. power plants, forcing them to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions 32 percent by 2030. The news sent shockwaves through the coal industry, sending stocks tumbling and forcing the industry’s two biggest players to consider bankruptcy Read more […]

Jeb Bush Worked with liberal NYC Mayor to Kill Coal!

More bad news for Jeb Bush’s connection to former New York City Mayor Michael Blooomberg’s charitable foundation. Folks have already noted that Bloomberg has given a ton of money to Planned Parenthood and that Jeb Bush was on the board when that happened, but now they’re also noticing that during Bush’s tenure at the Bloomberg foundation the group also worked to kill the coal industry.   From the Daily Caller: Bush, who’s looking to win the Republican presidential nomination, Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Still Refusing to Answer Keystone XL Pipeline Questions!

Hillary Clinton is still squirming, avoiding and obfuscating when asked questions about the issues that most Americans care about. Just last week she avoided talking about what she would do with the Keystone XL Pipeline as President, and this week she’s at it again… Josh Mcelveen: You’ve been asked this a lot, and you said if you were president and it was undecided, you could answer it then, but I will try to pin you down. Yes or No on the Keystone pipeline?  Hillary Clinton: You know, Read more […]

Senator Hoven: White House Will Reject Keystone XL Next Month

After years of politicking, the Obama administration will announce it’s decided to reject the application to build the Keystone XL pipeline during Congress’ August recess, according to a Republican lawmaker. White House plans to announce Keystone XL pipeline rejection during August recess, @SenJohnHoeven says. More at @BloombergBNA/@BGOV. — Ari Natter (@AriNatter) July 28, 2015 “What I’m hearing from multiple sources is that he is going to turn down Keystone when we’re out in August,” Read more […]

States are Reconsidering Renewable Energy as Tax-Payers Pay for Energy Twice

The global warming wheels continue to come off the proverbial cart.  With temps holding steady in almost all regions over ten years.  And no polar cap melting since they began measuring in the late-70’s.  There have been many waking to the possibility that even if there has been warming, we are not likely as responsible as we first thought.  Now, with the predictable outcome that renewables are not self-sufficient, many states are rethinking their policies. The Washington Times reports A Read more […]

Is Germany’s ‘Green’ Revolution Running Out Of Money?

It wasn’t long ago that President Barack Obama was pointing to Germany as an example of how the U.S. should develop green energy, but that was before news that Europe’s biggest economy might be running out of money for its green energy revolution. Germany’s $412 billion plan to power itself with green energy may be running low on cash, according to a new report by financial consultants, as consumer energy prices skyrocket and traditional power plants require more subsidies to stay in business. “The Read more […]

EPA Four Year Report Could not Find Any Danger in Fracking for Drinking Water

It is always a difficult process to endure when you are being studied.  Especially when the person doing the study wishes to shut you down.  It is not that they take their job serious or consider it important to do a good job, they want to stop you because they think you are evil.  Well, this was the atmosphere for the fracking industry.  But, at least for now, they should be able to breath a little easier. The National Review reports  the report — which took four years and likely cost Read more […]

DOE to Flush More Tax Money Down Renewable Toilet

For years we have heard that there were new energy technologies just over the horizon.  Many in the industrial sector were skeptical, but others dumped millions in investments for what we now call green energy research.  With years of research and millions lost, we are now told that these unsuccessful technologies are our only hope.  On top of that, we have the scandals in the green energy industry.  With all the evidence of global cooling and history of natural climate change, you would think Read more […]