Armed Robber Killed by Licensed Gun Owner in Chicago

There has been much made about the right to own and carry a gun. And as things seem to be getting worse for law-abiding citizens the more restrictions are placed on gun ownership, there seems to be more evidence that gun restrictions do not stop criminals. Now, there has been a rash of incidence where gun-owners have stopped crimes from happening. The latest occurred in Chicago. Fox reports A masked man, later identified as 55-year-old Reginald Gildersleeve, walked into the store and currency exchange Read more […]

Rogen Calls out Carson on Holocaust and Gun Control

I have never been one to take the comments or opinions of Hollywood actors to mean much.  I mean, after all, they are people pretending to be other people for money.  They have very little if any connection to real people or life in general.  But, it is especially hard when the opinion is one of such very classless fool as Seth Rogen.  He has to resort to crudité to gain laughs, so when he attacks Presidential Candidate Dr. Carson for his comments on guns and the Holocaust you would think that Read more […]

75 Year old Vet places Himself Between Knife-man and Kids

Well, it has been the illustration of choice for 2nd Amendment advocates for years, but especially lately.  If all guns were banned, then a murderer will just use something else.  A knife, a bat, or rock; anything that can kill will do when murder is in one’s heart.  Now, there is an actual event to point to as backup to this reality. Fox reports A former Army vet is recovering from stab wounds after putting himself between 16 terrified children and a knife-wielding teen determined to kill Read more […]

Oregonians Greet Obama with Anti-Gun Control Signs

As soon as the news broke of the tragedy in Oregon, most America knew what was coming next.  More rhetoric from the Left and especially the President about gun control was sure to come.  However, many were surprised when the President took Clinton’s lead and began speaking of executive orders.  Some 2nd Amendment supporters showed up to let the President know how they felt about his threat. The Washington Times reports Mr. Obama visited Roseburg to meet with the families of the victims of Read more […]

One Oregon Resident tells Obama to Shut His Mouth and Stay Away!

Our friend and colleague Tami Jackson is a wonderful writer and a force for conservatism – she also happens to be a proud resident of the state of Oregon. Recently, she wrote a brilliant piece for Saving our Future, wherein she tells President Obama exactly what the people of Roseburg, Oregon think about him and his opinion on the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College. This makes me proud to be an Oregonian, and a one-time resident of Roseburg (years ago as a toddler), the town just Read more […]

Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly Tells the Truth about Gun Crime In America

Fox News’ host of the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly, waded into the hot topic of gun control on Monday night when he delivered some cold, hard truth on the matter of gun control and offered his own solution to the problem of gun crime. It seems the Oregon killer was targeting Christians. That doesn’t surprise me. There is an intense battle between good and evil on this earth right now. And good people are becoming targets. Summing up, another mentally unstable person commits mass murder Read more […]

Congressman Fights for Social Security Recipient’s Gun Rights

Rep. Sam Johnson introduced legislation in the House Wednesday in an effort to counteract the Obama administration’s strides to prevent Social Security participants from obtaining guns. Under the president’s plan, the Social Security Association (SSA) would be added to the list of federal agencies required to submit users’ information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The Second Amendment rights of more than four million people who have been assigned a fiduciary Read more […]

Obama Concedes that His Gun Laws Would not have Stopped Virginia Gunman

It was no surprise to anyone that the president and Hillary Clinton went after the 2nd Amendment after the tragedy in Virginia.  Far be it from these disciples of Saul Alinsky to allow a crisis go to waste.   They recognize an opportunity when they see it, and they took full advantage of this tragedy. Freedom Outpost reports First, Obama came right out on cue to promote his unconstitutional attack on the Second Amendment. “It breaks my heart every time you read about or hear about these Read more […]

Another Shooter in Tennessee Movie Theater

It is becoming more and more frequent.  The report of shootings and mass attacks in America.  More people are resorting to attacking the innocent and unarmed bystander.  Those who either are unable to deal with the real world or those who are Muslim know that most Americans are not armed in public.  These people have been shown over and over that we are like sheep.  And it has happened once again. CNN reports There have been reports of an active shooter at a theater in Antioch, Tennessee, Read more […]

Mothers of Murdered Teens Suing Chicago Villages for Civil-Rights violations

When we talk about the grief associated with the loss of a child, it is a pain that I could never imagine.  It would seem almost unbearable.  So as I write this, I want to be clear that these women seeking solutions and justice is not wrong.  I would want to take some kind of action to ensure that this kind of thing did not happen again.  But is suing the city the murder weapon was purchased in ethical? The Washington Post reports In an unusual lawsuit filed July 7, Bosley and Nance-Holt Read more […]

Texas Terrorist Had Gun from Fast and Furious Sting

Of the many failures of this administration, the one that has probably caused the most damage has been the failed “Fast and Furious.”  The reason for this is its linking organized crime and firearms.  That is, it has placed dangerous weapons into the hands of madmen and drug lords.  Now we are learning that it also has placed a gun into the hand of an ISIS agent. Breitbart reports A trustworthy source confirmed to Breitbart News that Garland attacker Nadir Hamid Soofi indeed did not buy Read more […]

L.A. Passes Ban on High Capacity Magazines ownership

I have always said that there is more to the gun-control movement than meets the eye.  There had to be, as they continually present laws that have nothing to do with the problem.  Most of the people killed by firearms are accidental deaths.  These are best reduced through gun safety programs rather than restrictions.  The remaining deaths are criminal acts.  This would then argue that those who are committing these murders will do so with or without legally obtained firearms.  But once again, Read more […]

Gun Control, Obama’s Biggest Frustration

There are very few things that Barack Obama will be able to say that he wishes he could have gotten done as President.  Much of his Progressive agenda was accomplished, but there is one thing that he was unable to do; gun control.  Obama wishes he could have been able to pass stricter laws on gun owners. The Washington Times reports President Obama has drawn clear linkages between criminal justice reform and gun control, but the two remain worlds apart on Capitol Hill. In an interview with Read more […]

Conservative Congressman Pushes to End Federal ‘Gun Free Zones’

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) sometimes seems like a lone-warrior when it comes to battling the liberals (even the Republican ones) in Washington, D.C. Whether he’s battling wasteful government spending or overreaching government power, Massie is consistently leading the charge to shrink government and return freedom to the American people. His latest efforts have been on behalf of inventors in the patenting process and on behalf of all Americans in the fight against “Gun Free Zones.” Back Read more […]