Carly Fiorina says She’s Nothing Like Jeb Bush

Carly Fiorina is running for the GOP nomination to President and she wants every single potential voter to know that “everything about her” is different from Jeb Bush. She was on CNBC Wednesday morning to discuss her candidacy and to explain all of the various ways that she is different from Jeb Bush and also from Hillary Clinton. She expertly eviscerates Jeb Bush’s stands on education and illegal immigration before brilliantly separating herself (and conservatives in general) from the policies and philosophies of liberals (particularly Hillary Clinton). If Fiorina can continue to express herself the way she did in this interview, she will be a dangerous adversary for the other GOP candidates and prove herself as a serious candidate for President.

I thought this interview was brilliant and it makes me want to see more of candidate Carly Fiorina.