Carly Fiorina: “I Intend to Beat Donald Trump”

Carly Fiorina is surging in the GOP primary presidential polls, and as such, it seems that her confidence is also surging. She sat down with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday evening to discuss her campaign for the White House and the important ongoing political issues.

But the most interesting moment of the interview came when O’Reilly asked her how she would deal with Donald Trump.

“I’m running to win this nomination. I believe, as I talk to more and more Americans … more and more people support me, because they know we need a no-nonsense leader with a track record of actually producing results, solving problems and challenging the status quo.

I intend to beat Donald Trump. I intend to beat him because I think I am the most qualified candidate to win this election and do this job.”

Perhaps, Fiorina’s confidence comes from a recent debate experience. One that the National Review’s Rich Lowry described like this:

Look, Trump obviously attacks everyone, but [Carly Fiorina] has become a much bigger target. Part of what is going on here is that last debate, where, let’s be honest, Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon. 

Ouch. That hurts…

Trump’s recent run-ins with Fiorina are the first time in this campaign that Trump has walked away from a fight looking worse than he did going in. That result could leave him a bit gun shy when it comes to mixing it up with her again, and that could definitely play in Carly’s favor. If she can continue to chip away at him and at his lead in the polls, she may prove to be the one candidate that Trump just can’t shove aside…partly because she is a woman, but more importantly because she has proven herself to be a shrewd political operator and a tough opponent.